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Bissell Floor Cleaner - The Best Bissell Floor Cleaner

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When looking for the best Bissell floor cleaner, there are many different options to choose from. One should weigh them all, and consider the job that one wants the cleaner to do, but odds are high that one will have to look no further than the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner. This is a powerful, robust floor cleaner that is also light and easy to use, an unusual and desirable combination for cleaning ceramic tile, vinyl, marble, linoleum, stone, or wood floors. With so many different styles of flooring that it can clean, the Bissell 1867 is a very versatile and useful Bissell floor cleaner.

The best feature of the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is, naturally, the steam head. This provides excellent, heavy-duty cleaning power without the use of chemicals or other unnatural agents that could damage a floor or leave chemical traces all through the home. The steam head is more useful than a normal broom because it has the ability, through the use of steam, to get things off of the floor that have already dried in place. One example of this would be spaghetti sauce that bubbled over a pan’s top and hardened on the floor; another example would be mud tracked in on boots from the yard. The steam softens these up and allows the mop to pick them up. It is better than a standard mop as well, however, because it does not use nearly the same amount of water. This means that floors are not soaking wet at the end, and one does not have to empty out a pail of water, most of which was unneeded. It also means that there will not be accidents, with water spilling or spreading to get into the carpet, where it can mold. The steam mop is much more contained and uses just the amount of water that is needed.

When considering the Bissell Floor Cleaner, one should also look at how useful it is compared to bigger, bulkier steam mops. The mop is small and has a swivel head, so it is ideal for bending down to get under tables and chairs. The head is also wider than the handle, so one can get in that small space between cupboards and the floor, where it is hard to reach with a broom or a standard mop. This sort of cleaning ability will leave the kitchen floor sparkling every time, with each section cleaned easily. It has a long power cord for reaching places that are well away from the wall, and this cord can be wrapped around a pair of brackets on the handle for storage. There is also a forward carrying handle with great balance.

Another excellent feature of the steam mop is that it is light-weight. It can hang from the wall on a notch that is built into the top of the handle. This gets the mop out of the way so that the floor space in a closet can be used for something else. The lower weight is also nice for carrying the mop around the home, if one has multiple rooms where the mop is needed that are not connected by tile or stone — a kitchen and a bathroom, for instance. This is also nice when taking the mop up a flight of stairs to clean bathrooms on the second or third floor. Lugging a heavy cleaning apparatus up stairs and over carpet is stressful and hard on one’s back and joints, but the Bissell floor cleaner will not provide those problems.

As can be seen, the Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Bare Floor Steam Cleaner is an excellent choice when one needs to clean all sorts of different surfaces. It can clean up messes that brooms and ordinary mops struggle with, it provides little to no mess, and it does not weight so much as to be frustrating to use. There are no chemicals or other hazards, and the kitchen or bathroom will be so clean it will shine. The Bissell floor cleaner is one of the best on the market, and should be considered by all when looking to buy new cleaning devices.

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