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Used Four Wheelers - Different Purposes for Used Four Wheelers

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Four wheelers are small all terrain vehicles that can be compared to a dune buggy. At first appearance they may look like a cross between a golf cart and a jeep. The four wheeler has also been called a quad bike or a side by side. Four wheelers can work side by side with tractors and towing vehicles with the same great performance. They are much safer to drive than three wheelers. Most four wheelers use low pressure tires. They are recreational vehicles that are built to be tough and robust with powerful off road capabilities. When driving on rough terrain the four wheelers have great traction that keeps the vehicles from flipping over. The low pressure tires are bead lock wheels that work better on rough terrains compared to regular tires. There are also rugged rock tires which are much bigger and are able to handle driving over terrain with a lot of loose rocks.

The prices between the new four wheelers and used four wheelers vary. The newer vehicles range from $5,000 to $12,000. The used four wheelers range from $600 to $3,000 depending on the type of four wheeler that a person purchases. All terrain vehicles are also called Utility Terrain Vehicles. Many utility terrain vehicles are used in four wheel races that were created by the UTV Racing Association. The different brands of four wheelers are the XL4 and XT4 Armadillo, Suzuki, Honda, Arctic Cat, Kawasaki Mule, Yamaha Rhino, and Polaris Ranger. The four wheelers also come with different tires for different terrains. There are the Skat Trak sand tires, dune star and sand star front and rear tires; and doonz fit with paddles for the rear and front sand tires. The seats have five different seatbelt harnesses that are built to keep the driver in the vehicle during a roll over. The carriage of the vehicle does not have a top, so the driver must be protected at all times.

Used four wheelers have many beneficial uses. They are mostly known to be side by side hunting and construction vehicles, but their uses can go much farther than that. They are all purpose vehicles that are capable of hauling materials and towing other vehicles. For hauling purposes many of the quad four wheelers can be equipped with a long tail gate and two extra wheels in the back. The two extra wheels are to compensate for the extra weight of the tail gate. Once the two extra wheels and tail gate are affixed the four wheeler will closely resemble a semi truck, or even an army truck. The four wheeler can haul lumber, construction materials, rocks, trash, or even furniture. The back of the tail gate has a lifting mechanism that allows the tail gate to slant at an angle. This is for easier unloading purposes. The quad four wheelers are only equipped with two seats in the front, so they can only fit two people in the vehicle at any time. It is an off road vehicle that can also be used for camping at a lake. The back tail gate can hold tents, sleeping bags, luggage, and even tow a boat in the back. The four wheelers are great towing vehicles. They are strong enough to pull a car out of a ditch.

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