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Brooks Beast Running Shoe - What the Brooks Beast Running Shoe Can Do

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Runners have tried many things over the years to get better arch support and correct overpronation; they have put tissue paper in their shoes, worn double layers of socks, and tried every shoe on the market with advertised arch support. They done it all with very little success, and the Brooks Beast running shoe is here to put their troubles to an end. With its advanced technology, padded MoGo midsole, and robust construction, the Brooks Beast is the shoe that can finally take all of the pain out of running for those suffering from flat arches or overpronation, and can make running a new experience that can be enjoyed as it was meant to be.

Flat arches are a serious problem for heavy distance runners. They can be painful and they can slow the runners down, eating up entire minutes during long races. The Brooks Beast running shoe offers the best padding in the market to take care of that problem. The MoGo midsole, which is a full-length midsole, offers the must cushioning possible, strengthening one’s step and removing all of the ache that comes with flat arches. The shoes support the arches as they come down against the pavement, meaning that all of the energy from the run is properly dispersed and will not be wasted against the pavement or the dirt of the trail. This will also serve to help the runner with that staple of a good run: the extra little bounce in one’s step. The cushion itself will help with this, of course, pushing the foot upward, but the lack of pain will also help. When not thinking about how much it hurts to run, one will have that spring and be able to take faster, more energetic steps.

Overpronation is when the foot does not swivel properly when stepping, as will happen if the foot does not make the fifteen degrees of rotation that are preferable. This can mess up a runner’s step by making them waste energy and take the next step from an inefficient position. It also makes the insides of the foot work hard, along with, often, the big toe. This means that those parts of the foot will start to hurt first, as the rest of the foot is not helping with the step. The Brooks Beast running shoe is specially designed and padded to fight against this, distributing the weight and work correctly and making sure that the steps are taken just as they are meant to be.

As far as weight is concerned, the Brooks Beast running shoe is fourteen ounces. While there are lighter shoes that can be found, that is not very heavy for all of the support and padding that it provides. There is a mesh grid around the toe area that helps both with the weight, reducing it more than a solid shoe, and also allows airflow so that one’s feet do not become too hot after a long run. The shoes have a sleek design that is built to allow them to be aerodynamic, meaning that they can cut quickly through the air despite any added weight.

For the rest of the design, the Brooks Beast running shoe generally comes in white or gray with highlights of other colors. Blue and yellow are frequently used, though there are a number of choices so that one can find a color scheme they enjoy. The shoes have a medium-height top, giving ankle support without increasing the size of the shoe too much. The laces tie all the way up to the ankle, again increasing the support that the shoes provide. They are very durable shoes, which can last for many training runs or races.

All in all, the Brooks Beast running shoe is a great shoe for someone who suffers from flat arches or overpronation but who is still very serious about their running. The shoes have excellent support and will guide the foot through the correct motion, saving damage to the foot itself. They weigh a little more than some other running shoes, but make up for it by increasing a person’s ability to run, which will make them faster even though the shoes are bigger.

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