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Laptop Power Cords - A Quick-Start Guide to Laptop Power Cords and Accessories - Replacement Laptop Power Cords, Laptop Security Cables, Notebook Surge Protectors

computer damage desk compatible

Choosing compatible accessories for your laptop can present a real challenge. It’s hard to know which accessories you need in the first place and it can be even harder to sort out the different options when it comes to each type. However, there are a number of items available on the market that computer experts agree are essentials.

Replacement Laptop Power Cords

Should the laptop power cord that originally came with your computer ever become damaged, your first instinct may be to try to repair it yourself. However, most professionals will recommend that you don’t attempt this for a number of reasons. You could accidentally wind up damaging your laptop or voiding the warranty that came with your computer.

It is generally suggested that you try to locate a replacement laptop power cord on the computer manufacturer’s website instead. Often the precise model number and brand name can be found right on the power adapter itself, making it simple to determine whether or not it is compatible with your particular laptop. Simply match the model number of your computer with laptop power cord bearing the same number.

Some companies also offer generic replacement cords meant to be compatible with all of their computers. However, while they do work to supply actual power to your laptop, many people have reported that these alternate cords do not charge the laptop battery properly. A cord made specifically for your computer is always the better investment.

Laptop Security Cables

When you’re on the go, it never hurts to be extra careful when it comes to security. Laptop security cables come with an attached alarm that will sound if someone attempts to remove your computer from a specific location – for instance a hotel or even your desk at work – making them a terrific safeguard against theft. The cable works by securely attaching your laptop to a desk or countertop to prevent anyone with sticky fingers from picking it up and walking off with it. It is also very easy to operate. You can easily lock and unlock it yourself through the simple use of a password.

Notebook Surge Protectors

You never know when there may be an unexpected power outage, lightning strike, or brown out. Electrical surges associated with these events can fry your computer and result in the need for costly repairs. By utilizing a computer-safe surge protector when you plug your laptop in to charge, you can stop such damage from occurring altogether, making them a very good investment against electrical damage. Look for surge protectors that come with an additional warranty meant to cover the damage to your laptop should they fail.

Portable Laptop Desk

Allowing a laptop to operate while on a bed or other flat surface can easily cause a computer to overheat, risking damage to your computer’s delicate hardware. However, portable laptop desks typically come equipped with a cooling fan or a tilt mechanism that will eliminate excess heat and allow your computer to stay cool and safe instead. Laptop desks that feature a cooling fan run conveniently off of the laptop’s own power supply (usually via a USB port) and most are affordable enough to fit into any budget.

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