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Chevy Silverado Accessories - Available Chevy Silverado Accessories

Types of Chevy Silverado Accessories

bed truck covers mats

If you are like most Chevy owners, you love your Silverado. And even more fun than loving your Silverado is the ability to accessorize with all that is available to make your Chevy Silverado the ultimate ride. Chevy Silverado exterior accessories give your Chevy a great look but also makes your Chevy a practical working machine. The Black Bowtie Logo Hitch Cover is made of 100% aluminum for durability but also style. With 1 1/4" and 2" receiver stems, this cover will show your Chevy pride and last for many years (priced approximately $25.00).

For safety and confidence in backing up your Chevy Silverado, one of the many Chevy Silverado accessories that is a must have is the Stellar Chevy Silverado Wireless At Ease Back-up Sensor System. Using ultrasonic waves, this four sensor system warns of obstructions by emitting pulse tones. The closer the object is to your automobile, the louder the tone. It is backed by a lifetime warranty and costs in the price range of $165 to $170. Detailed instructions are included regarding installation but please note that some drilling will be required.

To protect your Chevy Silverado bed, there are Chevy Silverado accessories such as bed mats to preserve the beauty of your truck. These mats have a nonskid surface with nylon-reinforced rubber to safeguard your truck’s bed from unsightly scratches. Prices and quality vary in choosing the right bed mats for your Chevy but it is important to note that the tailgate liner is a separate purchase. You can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $500 for a bed mat.

If you are interested in “dressing-up” the exterior, the body side molding and fender trim kits are ideal. These Chevy Silverado accessories bring out the beauty of your truck and can protect the paint from road debris. With pre-applied, automotive-grade adhesive, installation is easy. Most kits come in four pieces. You can expect a price range of $200 to $250.

Grille or Brush Guards give the Chevy Silverado a rugged, unique look while preventing damage to the expensive grille and headlights. Most have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and are easy to install. The Grille Guard fits around the front bumper and offers a chrome-plated steel finish for durability. Mounting gaskets are an important option to prevent metal-to-metal contact. Priced around $800, you will want to include this item on your Chevy Silverado Accessories wish list.

The GTS Chevy Silverado Headlight Covers give style and protection. Installation is easy with pre-applied automotive-grade adhesive. They are sold in pairs and come in a variety of colors: clear, carbon-fiber, and smoke. Priced at approximately $90, the headlight covers are made of high-impact polymer and usually come with a limited warranty. Chevy suggests before purchasing these headlight covers that you check with state and local laws because in some areas, these are prohibited.

Chevy Silverado accessories are limitless and add to the beauty and functionality of your truck. From exterior to interior, you can spend the lifetime of your truck accessorizing to make it the ultimate vehicle,

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