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Drug Addiction Center - Choosing the Right Drug Addiction Center - Does the drug addiction center fit my spiritual beliefs?

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Finding a drug addiction center is one of the most important decisions you or a loved one will ever have to make. It is also one of the most complicated. Most people have no idea where to start and what questions to ask. They also don’t realize that not all drug rehabilitation centers are the same. Each facility has its own specific curriculum options, employee education requirements, staff qualifications, price range, and overall program philosophy. The following are some good points to consider when determining which one is the right choice for you or your loved one. You may also want to consider visiting a couple websites, such as www.addict-help.com or www.drugrehabcenters.com, that specialize in helping addicts determine which of the many available choices is right for them.

Does the drug addiction center fit my spiritual beliefs?

Spirituality can be in important factor in recovery and people will often want to find a support center that matches their personal set of beliefs. For instance, many well known programs continue to follow what is known as the 12 Step Program. A person participating a program like this will be encouraged to turn their addiction over to God and rely on their spirituality for strength and direction. While drug addiction centers that adopt this approach may be an ideal option for many addicts, less spiritual people may want to look into another option that gels better with their own point of view.

Does the drug addiction center meet my medical needs?

Other drug recovery centers revolve completely around medical solutions and may offer both in-patient and out-patient options. Counseling and therapy will be involved in most cases. Prescription medications may also be a part of the mix depending on the nature of the addiction and the substances involved. The severity of the addiction will also often dictate the amount of time a patient will stay at the chosen drug addiction center, as well as the costs of treatment. Some treatment centers specialize in relapse prevention, which is ideal in regards to drugs like alcohol or cocaine. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a major part of this type of program. Addicts who mostly have problems with stimulants or heavily addictive substances like heroin may benefit more fully from Matrix Model therapy (focusing on self esteem and featuring regular testing of blood and urine) or Supportive-Expressive style therapies (focusing on talking through problems and getting to the root causes of addictive behavior through sessions with a psychotherapist).

Does the drug addiction center allow for the involvement of family members?

Drug and alcohol abuse affects all members of the patient’s family, often to degrees that they themselves may not even be aware of. For that reason, families are encouraged to be closely involved in the addict’s road to recovery. However, the amount of involvement a particular drug addiction center allows depends on the facility itself and the rules they have in place. People who are close to their families, spouses, and loved ones will want to consider making centers that allow for frequent family involvement their top priority.

How does the drug addiction center look on paper?

It’s important to realize the importance of a good track record and the right qualifications. Look for centers that have a higher than average rate of success for participating addicts. Look into the credentials of each staff member, as well as into whether or not the institution is properly accredited. In the end it pays to really do your homework and make sure the facility you choose looks as good on paper as it should.

Once you determine which drug addiction centers in your area seem credible and approach treatment in a way that will work for you, it’s time to think about which ones will best fit your unique needs as an addict. Life, of course, doesn’t just stop because you’ve finally been able to admit you have a drug problem you need help with. If you have strong commitments to work or family that you’ll need to maintain throughout treatment, you might be a good candidate for out-patient treatment. However, people with addictions to substances such as heroin that come along with dangerous withdrawal complications should prepare to commit to an in-patient treatment program instead. Consider speaking with your doctor in regards to which option would be best for you according to your own unique needs and follow his advice.

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