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Home Security Locks - The Most Reliable Home Security Locks - What to Look for in a Secure Lock

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There is no doubt that everyone is aware of the importance of home locks. The FBI reported that that there were over 2 million home burglaries in 2005. The average loss per burglary was $1,725. A fact of which many people are unaware is that building codes do not require a specific grade of locks. Building codes, actually, do not require locks at all. Because of this, contractors and home builders, unless otherwise instructed, cut corners by simply installing the cheapest locks available or whatever they happen to have on-hand.

Home security experts recommend all homes have Grade 1 locks, as designated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). All doors allowing immediate access to a home should be equally protected. This includes doors inside the garage between the garage and the home proper. Although it is possible for these locks to be picked, the California Crime Technological Research Foundation estimates on 6.79% of burglaries occur from lock-picking. In comparison, 26.64% occur through forced impact against locks and 24.02% of burglaries occur from prying. Good locks can prevent both of these methods of entry.

What to Look for in a Secure Lock

By following a few simple recommendations, homeowners can be assured of maximizing their security and prevent their home from being burglarized:

• The best advice on installing home security locks is to use deadbolts. Deadbolt locks are far more secure than simple latches or handle locks.
• Always make sure the locks are designated as ANSI Grade 1. Although not every ANSI Grade 1 lock is equal, it is a good starting point.
• Use a lock and key control. These locks use keys designated as “do not copy” keys. Duplicates can only be made through specific locksmiths or the lock manufacturer.
• Make sure the lock comes with a high-security strike plate. Strike plates are often the weak link in home security locks.
• Deadbolts should extend 1 inch or longer from the door and they should be saw-resistant.
• Be sure the outer case is made of hardened steel to prevent hammer blows and drilling.

The Top Brands of Home Security Locks

While each lock should be graded individually, some brands are more reliable, in general, over other brands. In comparison to a low-priced home security lock carelessly made under lax specifications, a trusted brand offers higher levels of security. The following companies offer some of the most reliable home security locks:


Kwikset originated in 1946 by two engineers who designed a secure, tubular lock that was easy to install. Thus the name Kwikset. Today, the company manufacturers home security locks of all sorts, including deadbolts, handle locks, door knob locks, and electronic keyless-entry locks. The company is part of the Black & Decker Hardware and Home Improvement Group. Kwikset locks are known for being both reliable and stylish.

Kwikset locks come in two basic categories. The standard series is the top-selling lock in the United States. They feature high security and basic, classic designs. The Kwikset Signature series of home security locks are stronger, have premium security features, and come in more elegant styles.


Schlage Lock Company was founded in 1927 and quickly rose to the top of the industry providing door security hardware. Walter Schlage, the company’s founder was honored before his death with the Modern Pioneer Award. In 1974, the company was sold to Ingersoll Rand, a leading manufacturer of industrial and construction hardware and equipment.

Today, Schlage offers several types of home security locks, including handlesets, levers, knobs, deadbolts, electronic locks, and remote security locks. Schlage is the manufacturer of SecureKey Technology, which use special keys offering 10 times as many cut combinations than standard keys. SecureKey locks can be rekeyed without having to be removed.


Medeco, Mechanical Development Company, began as a small tool shop in 1968 out of Salem, Virgina. Medeco home security locks were unique due to their patented system of angled key cuts. This feature combined with elevating and rotating pin tumblers. This gives the keys millions of additional combinations when compared to standard locks. In 1995, Medeco introduced another new innovation called Keymark. Keymark allowed for strong key control that could be retrofit with older locks using an exchangeable core system.

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