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Stuffing Envelopes From Home - The Scoop On Stuffing Envelopes From Home Jobs

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At one time or another, almost everyone has seen ads for the amazingly easy job of stuffing envelopes from home. These ads promise that you can make hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Many have wondered how legitimate this all is, and quite a few desperate souls have, over the years, thrown caution to the winds and bought into the program.

“Bought” is the correct word, because home-stuffing jobs do not involve getting hired by a particular company, but instead usually entail paying someone for a “starter kit” which is supposed to give you “everything you need” in order to begin your new career. What ends up happening to most is that they spend too much money to purchase a few office supplies and some general, unhelpful information and never make a dime on their own.

There are various ways these “work at home” ads are deceptive. Many simply try to hustle you with the ad alone. This means there are no phone numbers you can call for additional information, no email addresses where you can ask someone questions, and no physical address of the company that you can visit. Many times, all that is listed is a post office box. When there is no way for you to ask questions or clarify things, this is a good sign that you should avoid this “opportunity” at all costs.

Some ads give the impression that you will not have to pay anything out-of-pocket to begin by saying that the envelopes and stamps you need to start are free. This almost always hides the fact that you will be expected to pay a “processing fee” or “shipping expenses” for your starter kit. Sometimes, the way you get your free envelopes and stamps is by placing your ads, with your own money, asking people to send you self-addresses stamped envelopes for more information. Since this information is usually sent digitally, you have to pay for printing it yourself as well.

Many of these envelope-stuffing schemes do not involve stuffing envelopes at all. You make your money by luring other people into asking for information, or buying kits from you. The work-at-home aspect is simply the bait. There are a few companies which will actually pay you for stuffing their information for them. However, these tend to be rather shady or morally-objectionable businesses, such as pornography, questionable medical products, gambling or illegal activities. The Federal Trade Commission has and will prosecute these scam artists, but it cannot stop them all. These businesses make so much money that they simply pick up and try again.

The only way to stuff envelopes legitimately is to take charge of your own work. This is possible, although it does take a great deal of effort. You can contact companies directly, or get yourself hooked up with groups which do actually need independent mailers, such as US Junk Mail, Direct Mail, and MBI Direct Mail. These companies will not ask you for processing fees, “good faith” payments or to purchase starter kits.

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