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Wrestling News And Rumors - The Top Online Sources for Wrestling News and Rumors - Wrestling Inc, Wrestling News World, Wrestle Zone

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Wrestling is more popular today than it ever was. There are more wrestlers, there is more excitement, and there are more leagues. In addition, the storylines have become more intricate and interwoven than they have ever been before. This creates a rich tapestry of adrenaline and pain, but it leads to one problem – it is easy to lose track of what is going on. If you miss just two weeks of your favorite wrestling program on TV, it is easy to become confused as to what is happening now. As you are aware, dramatic events can occur at any time that drastically change the whole direction of what you knew before.

To keep up with all the latest wrestling news and rumors, you need a reliable website. A good wrestling website should not only report on all of the latest events, but it should be able to report on all of the possible rumors. When information leaks from pro wrestling world, you want to be right on top of it.

Pro wrestling websites of news and rumors should be judged on several different criteria. Here is what to look for in a good website:

• Content – Information should be plentiful. News must be accurate and posted in a timely manner. If it happened yesterday, you should be able to read about it today. Rumors should have a source. Any website can claim anything they want, but good rumor-reporters will give a little information as to its validity.

• Presentation – A good website featuring wrestling news and rumors must be easy to read and have lots of pictures and video. Let us be honest, no one wants to read about what happened when they can see what happened.

• Website Owner/Manager – The website should be run by a wrestling fan, not a business man. Only a true fan knows what a wrestling fan wants.

• Forums – The website should have an open forum for discussions. What good is hearing about the latest rumors when you cannot give your own opinion about them?

Now that you know how to identify the top websites for wrestling news and rumors, let us take a look at a few that meet these standards. Here are the top wrestling news sites on the web:

Wrestling Inc

Wrestling Inc definitely stands out of the crowd. It is a smart and encompassing website that gives visitors everything they need to keep up in the world of wrestling. The website is maintained by Raj Giri who is also the lead reporter. The permanent staff of five other writers/researchers provides top-notch reporting.

The home page features the latest news stories sortable by WWE, TNA, MMA, and most popular. Featured news is easily obtained through rotating photo links. A featured video and a link to other videos is also available on the homepage. Other sections of the website are forums, girls, profiles, and events. Wrestling Inc is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

Wrestling News World

Wrestling News World brings all the latest Wrestling news to visitors in an easy-to-read format. A featured story is at the top of the page and all other recent news flows down a center column. A blog featuring recent wrestling news and rumors is available from the homepage as well as a question and answer feature.

Wrestling News World was originally conceived by ultimate wrestling fan, George Patton in 1999. In 2003 he sold the site to brothers Ryan and Richard Gray who used their web design knowledge to improve the site even further. The website now employs a full staff of reporters, blog writers, and support. It attracts over 700,000 unique visitors monthly and is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

Wrestle Zone

Wrestle Zone is multimedia dream for anyone who wants the latest wrestling news and rumors. It has some of the best photos and videos of any wrestling site. Top stories all have photo links and the latest forum topics are listed on the eye-catching homepage. A list of upcoming pay-per-view events and the latest show results also grace the homepage. Other pages include News, Editorials, Audio, Photos, Videos, and Fan Submissions.

Wrestle Zone is managed by wrestling fans but is owned by Crave Online, a multimedia conglomerate of top websites about movies, gaming, sports, and other entertainment. They boast 26 million visitors per month on their websites.

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