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Cheap Car Insurance In Uk - Tips for Finding Cheap Car Insurance in the UK

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Car insurance is compulsory for everyone who drives a vehicle. After a savings account, car insurance is the most common financial service that UK consumers own however, most people are clueless about car insurance.

Start looking for car insurance in UK by comparing quotes and premiums offered by all the leading insurers. Do not pick an insurer on the basis of price since a cheap car insurance plan may not cover everything. Car insurance costs increase every few years. The amount that you pay for your insurance is influenced by the following factors:

1. The costs for personal injury are quite high and in case of serious injury or death, claimants receive high awards. The insurer is bound to take this cost at the time of sign up.
2. Accidents claim costs from insurance companies. This also includes ambulance costs.
3. As premiums increase, some people choose not to take car insurance but if involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you may as well add £30 to your annual premium.

When taking car insurance, consumers are offered the choice of three levels of cover. Third party cover is a minimum insurance that covers injury and damage to another vehicle or person. It is ideal for people who cannot afford a better insurance policy or who drive old cars, where the cost of repair is generally more than what the car is worth. Third party, fire and theft cover, or TPFT provides third party cover and fire & theft of the vehicle. However, if an accident occurs because of your fault, TPFT does not pay for repairs to your car. The third level of cover is the fully comprehensive cover that provides standard TPFT protection but also provides medical expenses and personal accident benefits.

With the recent economic downturn and scarcity of jobs, people are looking for cheap car insurance in UK. An insurer that provides all the benefits that you require within your budget will ideally be best – you can compare rates through websites like moneysupermarket.com. Here are some additional tips that can help you in getting cheap car insurance:

1. Improving car security features such as adding approved alarms or navigation devices can help lower insurance cover costs.
2. Provide correct mileage numbers to the insurer. This could help you save costs because you will not be paying for extra miles.
3. Some insurance companies offer courtesy car and legal expense benefits in the event of an accident. Reducing these can help lower the overall costs.
4. Insurance costs are also less when you have access to closed car parking, such as a driveway or a garage. 50% car thefts occur during the night when cars are parked on the road. Having a proper parking place could mean that you are paying less.
5. As a new driver, taking the Pass Plus exam can help reduce your premiums.

With these simple tips, you can look at saving some money off your overall insurance costs although, you might also be able to find a cheap car insurance in UK just as easily.

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