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Villa Rental Tuscany - How to Find a Villa Rental in Tuscany

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Tuscany is a popular tourist region in west central Italy. It is known for being a center of culture and art. Many historians regard it as the birthplace of the Renaissance in Italy, having been the home of such notable figures as Leonardo da Vinci, Dante, Galileo, and Botticelli. The area is also known for its rich, beautiful natural landscapes that include mountains, green, rolling hills, and intensely fertile plains and valleys. There are over 120 nature reserves in the region. The climate is mild along the coast, but becomes more temperate on the east end.

Tuscany has a population of 3.6 million people, and the capital city is Florence, but there are a total of 323 cities and town in the region. Florence alone supports 10 million tourists annually, but many more tourists prefer to stay in a Villa rental in Tuscany outside the city. A villa rental in Tuscany is considered the only way to take in the true atmosphere of the region. Whether the villa is surrounded by olive trees in a grove, resting on top of a hill overlooking lush green landscapes, or on the sea shore, it will provide a relaxing private accommodation to make for a vacation that will never be forgotten.

The only problem some people have with a villa rental in Tuscany is finding a good rental agency. It is often said that finding a good rental company is made difficult because the ones with the most attractive online presence are usually the worst. The large agencies that put up those websites rarely can give a guest the personal attention required to make a stay the best it can be. You don’t want to use an agency where you can never be assured of talking to the same contact person each time you call.

This doesn’t mean all large villa rental agencies in Tuscany are bad. Some large agencies have overcome the personalization problem by assigning each guest an exclusive representative. These types of companies can usually offer the best of both worlds: a large selection of properties and intimate knowledge of each one.

In some situations, small companies offering villa rental in Tuscany can be just as bad as large companies. This is the case when the company is operated by too few people, and they have too many properties. This usually means that they don’t have personal knowledge of all the villas in their listings.

Smaller agencies with limited properties will most often provide the best service. These agencies know the ins and outs of each villa, but there may also be a downside with them, as well: high prices. In addition, their properties may be available only in a limited area.

One type of rental agency that may provide exceptional villa rentals in Tuscany is a small farm or estate. They will not be classified as a true villa rental agency because they are simply the owners of an estate. By dealing with them, you can bypass the rental agency altogether. Once you begin your vacation, it is usually the owner you must deal with anyway, so eliminating the middle-man can help you save money and keep your villa rental as simple as possible.

Here are a few tips in choosing the best Tuscany villa rental agency:

  • Check their website – Even though the website layout is not an ideal means for testing the legitimacy of an agency, the presence of vital information can be a good indicator on if the company is who they say they are. There should be full contact information listed, including addresses and phone numbers. Never go with an agency that lists only an email or, even worse, a contact form with no other information.
  • Send them a message – A good agency will respond to your message or email promptly, courteously, and with a feeling that your business is important to them.
  • Give them a call – They should be able to answer any questions you have without trying too desperately to have you commit to a reservation. Asking for dates of your stay once is fine, but if you say you don’t want a reservation now, their mood or tone should remain unchanged.
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