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Buy Eq Plat - Is it Worth It to Buy EQ Plat?

game money market everquest

When massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO or MMORPG) first took off in the 1990s, no one could have predicted that the game would spill over so far into real life. Many people still don’t realize that there is a robust economy of virtual money that has become intertwined into the real economy. Virtual money markets now exist that rival that of the actual stock market. As in-game money is bought, sold, and traded, results are tracked and futures are predicted.

One of the most popular MMORPG games with a robust virtual money market is EverQuest (EQ). EQ plat, short for EverQuest platinum, the name of in-game money was one of the first to develop into a full-blown market. EverQuest is one of the first MMOs to become popular. Development of the game began in 1996, but it was not launched until 1999. By the end of their first year, they became the number one game in the genre.

The release of regular expansion packs once or twice a year has ensured the continued popularity of EverQuest and kept alive the market to buy EQ plat, even through the controversy that erupted from the emergence of the market. EverQuest officially banned the practice of selling of in-game equipment and money for real money, but gamers formed their own underground movement to continue the practice. This was made simple because in-game trading is allowed.

When EQ2 came out on Playstation, Sony did not officially ban the practice of buying and selling in-game equipment and money. This has caused the market to flourish openly. Players can go to any number of websites and buy EQ plat for the going rate. The going rate, however, may vary by website and it can often be unexpectedly discounted depending on the cash-flow needs of the seller.

The biggest question a person must face when considering whether to buy EQ plat is if it is worth it. The answer to this question is an emphatic “no!” There are several reasons why you are better off to skip your plans to buy EQ plat.

The first reason not to buy EQ plat is that if you have never done it before, it is easy to get ripped off. You may end up buying a small amount of EQ plat for a large amount of real money. Of course, you can shop around and search for lower prices, but you never know who is offering those prices. Websites that sell or broker EQ plat trades come and go without notice all the time. Once the website has charged your credit card, there is no guarantee they will deliver the virtual goods. If they do deliver, they still have your credit card information, and you don’t know how they may use it in the future.

The second reason why it is not a good idea to buy EQ plat is that it is a rip-off by its very nature. The enjoyment that comes from a little extra in-game money is relatively short-lived because, like real money, there is never enough. Instead of playing the game as it was meant to be played, you become focused on simply making money and buying equipment. This leads to not understanding your character or the game. When you hook up with a group, it will be painfully obvious that you got where you are by buying in to the game because you won’t have the knowledge it normally takes to achieve your success. When other players find out that you are an “eBayer,” someone who purchases their equipment, characters, and money from eBay or other websites offering it for sale, you will lose a lot of respect.

When you decide to buy EQ plat, make sure you understand the drawbacks. Always use a site that is known to be legitimate. Ask around or check on game forums for recommendations. Check a few sources you have discovered to be legitimate and buy from the cheapest, but don’t buy from a website you cannot verify. After you buy EQ plat, use it wisely and don’t let it detract from actual game play. That is the only way you will get the full knowledge and enjoyment of EverQuest.

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