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Maryland Real Property - SDAT - Your Secret Weapon for Maryland Real Property Online - How to Use SDAT’s Site to Find Real Property Information

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Are you looking for information on real property in Maryland? Whether you’re looking to purchase or simply want to find information on an existing plot, this guide will help point you in the right direction. Many people don’t realize it, but a large amount of information on land parcels and their owners is required to be held in the public domain. In Maryland’s case, the Department of Assessment and Taxation is in charge of listing this information online. Not only that, the SDAT has gone above and beyond to offer businesses and individuals a bevy of handy articles on topics like property taxes, zoning, purchasing, and much more. For these reasons and more, the SDAT’s site can serve as your “secret weapon” in finding accurate and useful information on any parcel of land in Maryland.

How to Use SDAT’s Site to Find Real Property Information

First off, you’ll want to visit SDAT’s Real Property Data Search tool. This is one resource that is invaluable to your property information search. You’ll notice that you can use many search parameters, including street address, map, property account identifier, and property sales.

  • Street Address – if you already know the address for the property, this is the fastest way to get the information you need. This is also useful for quickly looking up public information on properties that you own.
  • Map – this function is handy if you have access to the right materials. For most counties, you will need a town code or map and parcel number in order to access property information. For now, these maps are not online. But you can order them with a tax map order form, or check your local city library for free access. This can be useful for getting a big picture of all land parcels in a given county or city.
  • Property Account Identifier – if you already have access to the property account identifier, then this is an easy way to find information on a parcel of land. However, unless you already own the parcel yourself, you will likely not have quick access to this information. You will probably find it easier to do a search by address.
  • Property Sales – here you can find properties by date and type of sale transaction, which has its own uses for those who need to keep their fingers on the pulse of the local market. This search will give you the sale price, the name of the old and new owners, sale and use type, etc. This can come in handy for anyone from real estate professionals to interested homeowners.

Other Useful Tools and Information on SDAT’s Site

The SDAT site hosts a number of other handy tools and articles for consumers and industry professionals alike. You can find the majority of these on their real property page. Homeowners can read about the Homeowners’ Bill of Rights, state foreclosure assistance programs, tax credits, property taxes, and even loans.

Businesses can find helpful information on Forfeitures, frequently asked questions, and plenty of online tools for starting, changing, or closing a business.

Of course, the Department of Assessment and Taxation can provide you with every property tax form that you could imagine. (And some that you couldn’t!) Just hit their Tax & Assessment Information page for every business or individual property tax form that you could need.

That’s it for this introduction to the Maryland SDAT’s online tools and information. The SDAT site is a wonderful tool for those who know how to use it. Maryland property owners (or future owners) especially should take the time to get deeply familiar with it! It can make your life much easier.

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