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Emerald Cut Rings - Buying Guide for Emerald Cut Rings

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A new diamond ring is rarely a purchase that is entered lightly. Even if it not for an engagement, wedding, or anniversary, a diamond ring is meant to be treasured as something special. One of the most important decisions to make regarding a diamond ring is the cut. Although it is not the most popular cut for diamonds, emerald cut rings can be stunningly beautiful.

Emerald cut rings were not originally made with diamonds. As the name suggests, the cut was originally used for emeralds. It is a stepped cut, meaning the facets work their way down like a set of stairs, and usually, a rectangular stone with cropped corners. It was created because emeralds are known for having a lot of inclusions that make them vulnerable to breakage from complex cuts. Soon after, emerald cut rings were created using diamonds. These rings are prized for giving the wearer an air of sophistication.

Emerald cut rings are less flashy than other cuts. The long lines of the facets create less sparkle. However, what they do instead is much more dramatic. Instead of a sparkle, they reflect larger beams of light that can be noticed from across a room. Emerald cut rings are often confused for Asscher or princess cuts, but Asscher cuts are usually square with trimmed corners, and princess cuts are square with full corners.

The emerald cut works well with many different styles and settings of rings. The rectangular shape of the cut works well with accent stones. Often, the accent stones are smaller emerald cut stones, but baguettes work well, also. This is not to say that an emerald cut ring does not work well as a solitaire. Solitaire emerald cut rings are especially aesthetically appealing on women with long fingers. This style is not particularly attractive on women with short fingers, because it can appear out-of-proportion. The stone is almost always set perpendicular to the ring, along the finger. It is very rare to find one that is parallel to the band.

Emerald cut rings do not work well with inferior-quality diamonds. This is a very open cut with a large table. Flaws in the diamond and variations in color are very easily noticed with an emerald cut. Imperfections in the cut are also easy to notice. If you have your heart set on an emerald cut, it is recommended that you buy the highest quality diamond affordable. If you cannot afford a quality diamond, it is better to go down in size until a high-quality diamond is within your budget.

The generally acceptable minimum recommendations for an emerald cut ring are as follows:

  • Cut – G
  • Color – G
  • Clarity – VS2
  • Depth Percent – 58-69
  • Length/Width Ratio – 1.5-1.75:1

One upside of an emerald cut ring is that they are not as popular as some other cuts, such as round brilliant cut diamonds. This makes them less expensive, so it is possible to get a higher-quality emerald cut ring for the same price as a diamond cut ring. One-carat rings can have a price difference of up to $1,500.

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