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1969 Mustang For Sale - Buying a 1969 Mustang for Sale

boss engine model rear

Introduced in 1964, the Ford Mustang became nearly an instant classic car. It was the first of the so-called “pony” cars, differentiated by their sporty coupe bodies with long hoods and short rear-ends. Although the first-generation of Mustangs stayed in production until 1973, they reached their pinnacle with the 1969 model.

Finding a 1969 Mustang for sale can be a real treat for muscle car enthusiasts. This year saw the introduction of a popular restyling, several key features, a new model, and several more engine options. The first difference in the ’69 Mustang is that the length of the body went up to 187.5” from 183.6”. Although the wheelbase remained the same, the width was also increased, but only by a 1/2”. Base weight rose to 2,800 lbs.

An important new featured was the installation of quad headlamps. Two are at the corners, outside the grill, and the other two are inside the grill. The grill logo was also changed this year from the corralled pony to the pony and tribars set slightly off-center toward the left side.

Inside, thinner doors helped improve front-seat space for both the driver and shotgun passenger. Rear passengers also benefit from increased legroom. Trunk space was also upped to total of 9.8 cu ft and the fuel tank went from 17 gallons to 20.

The standard engine in the 1969 Mustang is a 302 cu in, 220 horsepower Windsor V-8. Other engine options include the following:

  • 200 cu in, 115 hp Thriftpower I-6
  • 250 cu in, 155 hp Thriftpower I-6
  • 302 cu in, 290 hp Windsor V-8
  • 351 cu in, 250/290 hp Windsor V-8
  • 390 cu in, 320 hp FE V-8
  • 428 cu in, 335 hp, Cobra Jet/Super Cobra Jet V-8
  • 429 cu in, 376 hp, Boss V-8

There are several models of 1969 Mustang for sale. The year introduced a new model, the Boss. Performance trims include the returning Mustang Shelby, but it now had some competition with the new Mach 1. Other models are the standard coupe, standard fastback, and the convertible.

1969 Mustang Boss
Among the most prized 1969 Mustang for sale was the new Boss. It was designed by Bunkie Knudson and Larry Shinoda, and originally meant to be called the Trans-Am, but Pontiac got to the name first. The Boss 302 adds front and rear spoilers that proved effective at speeds as low as 40 mph. Rear window slats came as an option. The 302 engine is fit with gasketless Cleveland-style heads, 2.33-inch intakes, and a performance Holley carburetor. The chassis is also refit for performance with power brakes, Gabriel shocks, and wider tracks. Original colors are Acapulco blue, Calypso coral, and bright yellow. Sticker price started at $3600. Today, the Boss 302 1969 Mustang for sale commands a steep price. Expect to pay a minimum of $20,000.

A very rare version of the Boss was also produced: the Boss 429. Dubbed the ultimate 1969 Mustang for sale, only 858 were manufactured. It is stronger, leaner, and meaner than the small-block version. It originally sold for $4798, but today can fetch up to $350,000.

1969 Mach 1
The Mach 1 was a performance model of 1969 Mustang for sale. The standard engine was the 351. It featured dual exhausts, steel wheels, and an improved-handling suspension. With the original paint job, it is recognizable by the matte black hood with a simulated air scoop. Other features include racing mirrors, a center console, faux-teak interior, and bucket seats. The original price was $3,139, but a Mach 1 1969 Mustang for sale today will cost you $30,000 or more.

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