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Used Boat Value - Determining Used Boat Value for Buying and Selling

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No matter whether you are buying or selling a used boat, boat values are of the utmost importance. Without knowing the official and practical used boat value, you could end up spending way more than you should have if you are a buyer, or you may end up making far less than you could have if you are a seller.

Used boat value varies depending on several factors. Here are some of the factors that can contribute to a boat’s value:

  • Manufacturer and model of boat – Used boat value is dependent on the exact boat sold because of size, quality of materials, and reputation.
  • Year boat was manufactured – No matter the condition, some model years demand higher prices than others. Newer models usually have a higher value, but this is not always true.
  • Engine type and size – For many boats, the engine alone has a higher value than the rest of the boat.
  • Condition – Boats that have been well-maintained have a higher value than boats with mechanical problems, structural problems, or wear. Boats docked in salt water usually have a lower value than dry-docked boats or freshwater versions.
  • Optional equipment and trim – Electronic, mechanical, aesthetic, and comfort options can increase a boat’s value.
  • Region – Used boat value can vary dramatically depending on the area of the country in which the boat is located.

Determining a used boat value can be done by following one of several methods. It is recommended to use more than one method and use an average to obtain the truest used boat value.

One method used to determine used boat value is to check classified ads for the exact boat in the exact or nearby region. It was once beneficial to check the newspaper and print classifieds, but most of those have since become defunct. A few print sources that are still available are the Boat Trader, Bargain Trader, or for bigger or specialty boats, some of the mainstream, national magazine have classifieds, including Boating, Powerboat, MotorBoating, and Yacht, among other.

Online classifieds are the reason print classifieds have become so rare. Online classifieds that can be used to determine used boat value include eBay and Craigslist. There are literally hundreds of other online classified ads featuring used boats for sale. Each of these websites can provide you with valuable information on used boat values.

Another method used to determine used boat value is to use a valuation service. Used boat price guides have been around for years. Some price guides are in print, but many more are available online. Some of these valuation services are free, but others require a one-time purchase or subscription. Here are some of the top valuation guides for used boats:

NADA Boats Blue BookNADA auto and boat price guides have been trusted sources for decades. They offer annual print price guides and a free online value search. Many online boating specialists use the NADA values, as they allow their search to be used inside an independent website shell.

BUCBUC International has been a trusted name is maritime services for over 40 years. Their first Used Boat Price Guide was published in 1961. Today, they offer the print guide and an online subscription service.

ABOSABOS is the publisher of Price Digests. They offer publications for values of aircraft, autos, boats, RVs, and farm equipment. They publish a database on CD or with online access. ABOS is reliable, but the price is steep.

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