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Cat Stuffed Animals - Uncommon Places to Find Cat Stuffed Animals - eBay Cat Adoption, Your Local Circuit, Stuffed Kitty Boutiques

cats toys you’re lover

Do you love cats? Are you always on the lookout for fun new cat stuffed animal toys? Or maybe you’re gift-hunting for a real cat lover? Whatever the case may be, this guide will introduce you to some fun ways of digging up unique stuffed felines that are sure to please. You may have never even considered some of these options, but that’s the point! We aim to give you ideas for sources that will truly set themselves apart from the rest.

eBay Cat Adoption

eBay is definitely the place to go for a huge variety of online choices in any stuffed animal, and cats are no exception. A simple search for cats in their stuffed animal section will give you thousands of results. eBay alone has hours’ worth of possibilities to look through – from Beanie Babies to Garfield, their assorted collection of kitty toys can’t be beat. You can even find specific breeds of cats made lovingly into toy form. And the best part is, it’s always changing! Keep checking back to find new auctions.

A possible downside to eBay is the fact that many of these items are used. Used stuffed animals can yield some great bargains, but sometimes it can also yield unpleasant side effects like discolored or faded fur, missing eyes, etc. It should clearly state anything like this in the product description, so just be sure to read through carefully to know what you’re getting.

Your Local Circuit

Your own town is most likely a bustling hive of stuffed kittie toys that are up for adoption. You can find some very inexpensive toys at thrift stores and through your city’s Craigslist page. Just keep in mind that with this strategy, you will run into similar issues with used purchases on eBay. It is certainly not always the issue, but many times parents simply want to get rid of their old children’s toys, so they will list them as bulk lots online. While that can give you great deals, it can also yield some war-torn stuffed animals that really have been “well-loved”.

You can also find some great scores at garage sales, where parents are looking to clear away some extra space from their kids’ rooms.

Stuffed Kitty Boutiques

If you really want to impress (and a little extra cost isn’t an issue), try a site like DouglasCuddleToy.com. Here you can find toy kitties in every shape, size, design, breed, and fabric material. So if you have a cat lover who’s crazy about a particular breed, chances are you can find a perfect feline match that will blow them into the stratosphere. For making a real big impression on a cat lover friend, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Or if you’re looking for really life-like stuffed cats that will delight (or terrify) your feline enthusiast, try ThisPlaceIsAZoo.com. They not only make super-realistic stuffed cats, some of them actually breathe! This will surely leave a huge impression on any cat fancier, but honestly once you get that far, why not just adopt a real cat?

That’s it for this guide to unusual and fun places to look for cat stuffed animals. Happy hunting!

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