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American Idols Tickets - How to Score American Idols Tickets (and How Not To!) - Where to Find American Idol Tickets, How the Process Works, Common Questions

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So you are one of the thousands of Americans in love with American Idol, and now you want to take your fanship to the next level by attending a show taping?

Here is the good news: anybody over the age of 14 is eligible to get FREE tickets. Here is the bad news: you know all those thousands of other diehard American Idol fans out there? They have already signed up for tickets. And the list is first come, first served.

Because of the huge demand, it can take a long time to get your chance to see the show in person. But that does not mean you will never get a chance, so the sooner you sign up, the better! This article will help you know what to expect when signing up for Idols tickets, and will answer some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns.

Where to Find American Idol Tickets

The one place where you can register for a voucher that will give you the chance to see your favorite show. Since there is such a long line of registrants, it is probably best to jump in line right now – open the link in a new window to secure your place. Do not worry, you will have plenty of time after that to come back here and read about what to expect next. The actual registration process does not take long and it does not cost anything, so go ahead.

American Idol ticket voucher sign-up page.

How the Process Works

Now that you have officially signed up, you are going to wait by your mail box with baited breath, right? Wrong. It is going to be a while. Relax, keep enjoying Idol at home, and go about your business as normal. And then one magical day a year or so from now, just when you have completely forgotten that you even signed up in the first place, it will come. And when you get your chance, you better jump on it! Otherwise you will have to start all over again.

Your chance will come in the form of an email voucher. You should read this email carefully and respond to it as soon as possible to verify that you will be able to attend. If you make it in time, you should receive detailed instructions on where to go on the day of taping. The check-in voucher that you receive merely enables you to check in at the studio on the day of taping to be eligible for a ticket to see the show! This is also done on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is a great idea to get there as early as possible. If you make it past this last hurdle, you will finally make it to the on-camera studio audience for the show.

Common Questions

Are there other ways to score tickets?
Not to the actual show taping. There are, of course, traveling American Idol concerts that you can buy tickets for at any normal ticket outlet. But if you see a site besides the one listed above that advertises tickets to the actual American Idol show taping, do not click. There are no other providers. In fact, they have significant measures in place to make sure that no ticket vouchers are sold or transferred – the holder of the voucher must have ID with exactly the same name, and they double-check this against their own internal records to make sure that it was in fact you who registered for the voucher.

What’s it like at the taping?
Taping is standing-room only, so be prepared to be on your feet for the duration of the show, not to mention all the extra time waiting to get in. Handicapped accommodations are limited. And of course, in order to get the best view you had better get there early!

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