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Bosch Double Oven - The 800 Series - the Epiome of a Bosch Double Oven - Incredible Capacity, Convection Convenience, Other Handy Features

meat cooking hbl8650uc baking

If you’re in the market for a good double oven, chances are you’ve found more than one mention of Bosch’s rather extensive line of ovens that could fit the bill. But this article focuses mainly on their biggest splurge, the 800 series’ HBL8650UC. This bad boy has the power, the finesse, and the thoughtful features that will make any culinary enthusiast drool. In this article, we’ll go into each feature of the Bosch HBL8650UC and explain in layman’s terms just what each one means to you as a home chef.

Incredible Capacity

The capacity of these double ovens is bar-none, ranked #1 at a very generous 4.7 cubic feet. What does this mean to you? Basically, unless you live in a warehouse, you could easily cater any party even if it fills your entire living quarters. With double ovens, you have the space to accommodate an entire thanksgiving dinner with ease, not to mention the flexibility of having different temperature and baking settings on each oven. Both the baking and broiling elements are recessed and hidden from view in this model, offering even more usable space inside the cavernous interior. Bright halogen lights ensure that you will be able to see every moment of the action as your baked goods start to turn a rich golden brown.

Convection Convenience

This oven offers a powerful convection fan that circulates hot air around your food. This can accelerate baking time by as much as 30% without affecting the quality of your goods. The power of this type of heating technology is harnessed further with “fast preheat” mode, which can get your oven completely preheated in as little as 7 minutes.

But not only is this convection oven powerful, it also comes with refined controls that are responsive and very programmable to your needs. It comes pre-programmed with 30 different auto settings for individual recipes, and you can also find 14 different cooking modes to make sure the interior atmosphere is just right for your dish. It even offers warm and proof modes, which are great for reheating an item or coaxing every ounce of fluffiness out of your rolls as they rise before baking.

Other Handy Features

We cannot end this article without discussing the meat probe built-in thermometer, which is sure to become the next must-have for every kitchen. The most common mistake with cooking meat is to overcook it, usually out of a fear of serving raw meat. Overcooking will cause virtually any meat to become tough and dry. But that problem becomes a thing of the past with the built-in meat probe, which will monitor your meat’s internal temperature as it bakes. When it reaches a temperature that you have predetermined, a buzzer will go off to notify you. It’s amazing what a difference perfectly done meat can make – it sets apart cooking masterpieces from the merely mundane.

This oven also offers an efficient 2-hour self-clean cycle that is sure to please anyone who has been up to their elbows in oven grease before. Even the rack supports are self-cleaning. And incidentally, the racks themselves are designed to be incredibly sturdy, even when protruding out from the oven.

This oven truly has it all when it comes to pleasing the discerning home chef. You will have power at your fingertips that is normally reserved for professional kitchens, and flexibility that can handle the entire spectrum of cooking tasks. You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make! It’s true that with all of these extra features comes a larger learning curve than most ovens. But Bosch has done its best to integrate them all into an intuitive touchscreen control panel, which is easy to use after you spend some time getting to know it. And the extra effort to learn your oven well will pay off in both product quality and your own peace of mind.

For more information and to find local dealers, see Bosch Website’s page for the HBL8650UC. We hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction to the Bosch double oven HBL8650UC. Happy cooking!

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