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Lake Havasu Property - Getting the Inside Scoop on Lake Havasu Property - Lake Havasu Statistics, Finding Real-time Property for Sale

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Are you looking to find property for sale in Lake Havasu, AZ? There are some handy tools out there that can help anyone get a better picture of the current state of Lake Havasu property, and we are going to introduce you to some of the best in this guide. Read on!

Lake Havasu Statistics

Lake Havasu enjoys very low violent crime and property crime, whether compared to all of Mohave County or all of Arizona. Its beautiful beaches, year-round sunny climate, and unique tourist attractions (London Bridge, anyone?) pull people here from across the world. It is no surprise that so many wind up staying. Yet despite the attractive atmosphere, the average listing price for homes here was just under $170,000 as of September 2010. See stats and trends on Zillow.com for updated statistics.

Finding Real-time Property for Sale

You can use any number of real-time MLS Listings for area Realtors in order to find the most current properties for sale. Of course, there are also online listings giants Trulia and Zillow, which boast real-time updates to hundreds of listings in the area.

No surprise, you will find that many of the most expensive properties are right on the waterfront along Thompson Bay. But you can find surprisingly affordable units just a little bit inland from there, closer to downtown. Also check out the area by the Shops at Lake Havasu for some real steals.

Finding Official Information on Past Sales, Taxes, Owners, and More

Many people do not know this, but you can find all kinds of useful information on existing properties and recent sales in Lake Havasu at the site for the Mohave County Assessor’s Office. Use these online tools to find taxing jurisdictions, property parcel maps, value estimates, property taxes, owner information, recent sales, and a whole host of other handy information. They also offer in-depth help for understanding Arizona’s property taxes, which is vital for anyone looking to purchase property there.

Other Lake Havasu Government Information

If you are seriously considering a move to Lake Havasu from another state, then it is a good idea to get acquainted with the local government. Check out the City of Lake Havasu’s Official Page for plenty of useful information for both citizens and visitors alike. It always helps to be prepared for even the little things that you normally forget, like garbage pickup or local city policies that could affect you as a resident. The city government’s site can answer these questions and much more.

And if want to get an idea of the fun activities and sights that await you in your new home, you need to see the GoLakeHavasu.com, the official site of the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. After a few minutes exploring all the great activities in Lake Havasu City, you will find out that they do not call it “Arizona’s Playground” for nothing!

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