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Naples Florida Rentals - Seasonal Naples Florida Rentals

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Naples is a small city on Florida’s southern Gulf coast. The full-time residential population of the city is 21,653, but it grows to over 36,000 from November to May as U.S., Canadian and international snowbirds arrive for the winter. Naples is often referred to simply as “paradise” by those who live there, and by those who visit regularly. Sun, beaches, and fresh, salty air is plentiful, and although the population is small, it is very diverse, as far as culture goes. Where diversity is lacking is in age groups.

To be sure, Naples is a citywide retirement community. 30 percent of residents are in the 45 to 64 year old age group, while 42 percent are 65 or older. This is great news if you fall into one of these age groups. You don’t have to worry about young, wild partiers spoiling your relaxation and enjoyment of Naples, Florida rentals. This is even better news if you are a single male. For every 84 single males, there are 100 single females.

While miles of clean, white-sand beaches are extremely appealing, not everyone can spend all day, every day at the beach. Naples understands this and they have so much more than beaches. The city takes care of its own and does everything it can to appease its growing fans. Those who choose Naples, Florida rentals can be assured of being in the midst of plenty of shopping and fine restaurants.

Of course, nature is a big part of other attractions in the city. Residents and guests have access to both saltwater and freshwater fishing from the shore or by boat. The Naples Pier is a popular attraction because the city maintains an open fishing license at the pier for residents and visitors alike, so individual fishing licenses are not necessary there.

Tennis and golf are popular sports for those who decide on Naples, Florida rentals. There are more than 50 golf courses in Collier County, and many of them were designed by some of the top players and professionals in the sport, including Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio. The best tennis courts in the city are right across from City Hall at Cambier Park. The Nuveen Masters Tennis Tournament is held annually in Naples.

There are also several other parks and wildlife preservation areas in and around Naples that visitors can enjoy. The Everglades are nearby, providing an ecosystem that supports alligators, bears, panthers, rabbits, and 300 species of birds. Additionally, the salt waters around Naples are the home to dolphins, manatees, and over 600 species of fish.

Many people own their winter homes here, but many others opt for Naples, Florida rentals and vacation homes. These homes are much more plentiful in the summer as winter residents look to make a little extra money while they are in their summer homes, but there are many units available in the winter, too.

Naples, Florida rentals include condominium units, cottages, townhouses, and single-family homes. They are available in resort-style communities with all the amenities, and they are also available on private property with no extra amenities for those who prefer their privacy and like to do things for themselves. Naples, Florida rentals are available in all price ranges. Single bedroom or studio condos can go for as little as $350/week, while the top luxury homes can run as much as $9,500/week.

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