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Jvc Mini Dv Camcorders - Shopping for JVC Mini DV Camcorders - Durability, Video Quality, JVC Mini DV Camcorders

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There are many different JVC mini DV camcorders on the market today, and each one of them has various benefits. Of course the more expensive JVC mini DV camcorders have more features and offer higher quality recording capacities. However, consumers may notice that finding JVC (or any other brand) mini DV camcorders is getting more and more difficult.

Every day that goes by makes it more difficult to find mini DV camcorders because most people are switching to newer technology that stores video digitally on a hard drive or flash memory card. However, there are some advantages to using mini DV rather than these new formats, so it certainly does pay to seek out mini DV camcorders sometimes. Also, when referring to mini DV camcorders in general, JVC is one of the best brands you can buy.


The best thing about mini DV is its durability. Users do not risk losing their videos, and the cassettes are easy to archive and keep in large numbers. This is why many television news crews still use mini DV cameras, especially those that need a small, portable camera that will shoot video that is almost as good quality as that offered by professional video cameras.

Video Quality

The reason the mini DV format is still doing fairly well today despite the fact that many people are switching to new technology is because of the quality of the video. Video shot in mini DV format is of the highest quality consumers will be able to find in any non-professional camcorder. The reason so many people are switching away from mini DV is because they want the convenience of being able to skip around their video recordings rather than have to fast forward and rewind a tape to find what they are looking for.

JVC Mini DV Camcorders

The first thing consumers will notice about JVC mini DV camcorders is the fact that the manufacturer does not make higher-end DV camcorders any more. This is because the company can easily hold a comfortable share of this shrinking market with very little effort. In fact, the European and Asian markets still get a lot of use out of a mini DV camera, so JVC is not ready to write off this part of its product line just yet. This is also good news for Americans who do not want to sacrifice the quality of mini DV video for the convenience of non-linear digital camcorders.

Consumers who are on the market for a mini DV camcorder should look into the JVC GR-D395, which retails for around $400. This camera has a 32x zoom, which is quite large in terms of a home camcorder. Also customers who own this camcorder report that the battery life on it is quite a bit longer than that of other similar camcorders. The battery will last about three hours. Comparison tests show that the camera performs better than many other leading cameras in the same class, especially the Canon and Panasonic equivalent.

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