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Kn Air Intake - Facts about the K&N Air Intake - How the K&N Air Intake Works, Tubes, Company Guarantees

system engine horsepower filter

Anyone who likes to customize their vehicle by revving up the horsepower should check out the K&N air intake. Adding a K&N air intake can also greatly improve your vehicle’s performance. The company says its air intake kits provide the best possible horsepower without kicking on the vehicle’s “Check Engine” light. The company bases its amount of horsepower gained on various vehicles by an average of the amount gained by various horsepower. This allows consumers to be able to guess fairly accurately how much horsepower they will add. Let’s take a closer look at the claims and customer reviews of the K&N air intake system.

How the K&N Air Intake Works

The idea behind an air intake is to allow more oxygen to get into the engine. The majority of vehicles just do not have enough space for an air filter to sit right on top of the engine, so they require tubes to connect the air filter to the engine. Of course most people are looking for quiet engines when they are shopping for a vehicle, and the tube most engines used is designed to be quiet but not necessarily allow the maximum amount of air to get to the engine. This restricts how much power the engine can have, unless you add an air intake system to the engine. The intake system uses better tubing and a special filter that maximizes the amount of cold, dense air that reaches the engine, thus increasing the horsepower of the engine.


One of the most important parts of any air intake system is the tubing that connects the air filter to the motor. K&N offers both polyethylene and aluminum tubes, although the company says that the polyethylene tubes perform better than the aluminum tubes because they offer more flexibility and higher average horsepower numbers.

Company Guarantees

K&N makes one very well-known guarantee about its air intake systems. It is known as the million mile guarantee, and the company claims that it created the first air filter that will last for a million miles. Of course those million miles do require regular maintenance on the air intake system. On average, the air filter needs to be cleaned about every 100,000 miles.

Customer Reviews

Most customers who say they installed a K&N air intake system on their vehicle say they noticed a big boost in horsepower, especially when they were hauling a trailer or heavy load. They say downshifts happened a lot less often after the air intake system was installed, and they could also tell there was an increase in horsepower whenever their vehicle traveled up or down a steep incline. Customers also say that although K&N does not claim that its products will improve gas mileage, the air intake system actually did.

Another good thing about the air intake systems from K&N is the fact that they are street legal in all 50 states. Some systems even have an EO, or executive order, number that shows the kit complies with the very strict emissions restrictions for some states.

Installation of a K&N Air Intake System

Installing a K&N air intake system is fairly simple. Most people who know even just a little bit about cars can install the system in about an hour and a half. The manufacturer uses holes that already exist in the engine so there is no drilling or cutting with most of the systems. The only tools necessary include a screwdriver, ratchet set, and pliers.

An air intake system from K&N retails for about $350.

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