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Legal General Insurance - All about Legal & General Insurance - Legal & General Life Insurance, Home and Buy to Let Insurance, Pricing

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Legal & General Insurance is one of the largest financial services companies in the United Kingdom. The company is headquartered in Bristol, UK, and it has been in existence for more than 150 years. Almost 7 million people in the UK purchase life assurance, general insurance plans, pensions, or investments from Legal and General. The company invested 331 billion pounds worldwide for its investors.

Legal & General’s insurance department is a major part of the company’s offerings. The company offers life insurance, home insurance, and buy to let insurance.

Legal & General Life Insurance

There are three different kinds of life insurance offered from Legal & General. Life Assurance from Legal & General starts at only 6 pounds per month, and it ensures that the consumer’s family is covered if something should happen to him or her. The company allows the consumer to choose how much coverage they want and the amount of time they want to be covered. They can also choose to add a critical illness cover, which will offer coverage if they are diagnosed with certain illnesses. There is also a waiver of premium, which continues coverage without premium payments if illness or injury causes the consumer to be unable to work for more than six months. The company also offers a terminal illness cover, which pays in the event that the consumer becomes terminally ill, rather than dies.

The second kind of Legal and General life insurance is mortgage insurance. This policy pays the consumer’s mortgage in the event of his or her death, and it allows their family to keep their home even after they die.

Legal & General insurance also offers life insurance for people who are over the age of 50. A fixed plan requires set payment amounts each month until the consumer’s death and a fixed amount that will be paid out to his or her family when they die. An increasing plan will have premiums that change each year and an increasing death benefit that keeps up with inflation. The funeral plan is the minimal amount needed to cover a traditional funeral with cremation.

Home and Buy to Let Insurance

The other type of Legal & General insurance offers coverage for real estate. The company offers discounts for consumers who purchase insurance for more than one building on the same policy. The company also covers various home emergencies like broken pipes or break-ins. Policies cover another place to stay if the need arises to move out temporarily. The company even increases the amount of coverage by 10 percent before and after special events like Christmas or a wedding.

Legal & General buy to let insurance covers standard damage to rental property and loss of rent after an event that was covered by the policy. The policy also covers legal liability for property in case renters or their guests become injured on the property. The policy even covers home emergencies that require a repair person to be called out. In most cases the buy to let insurance does not cover the renter’s belongings.


Of course pricing is tied directly to each consumer’s situation, so every policy will be a bit different. However, some policies start at just 6 pounds per month.

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