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Anne Klein Coat - Shopping for the Perfect Anne Klein Coat - The Anne Klein Peacoat and Trench Coat

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An Anne Klein coat is the perfect way to add style to any winter or fall wardrobe. Each Anne Klein coat is either a peacoat or an overcoat, and it offers a classic, elegant look that will be in style for years to come. Of course the same Anne Klein coat just will not do for every occasion, so there are many different kinds of styles available. Some coats are perfect for covering up that Anne Klein dress in the winter, while others pair better with slacks. Here’s a look at some of the most popular styles in Anne Klein coats.

The Anne Klein Peacoat and Trench Coat

Peacoats made by Anne Klein come in neutral tones like black, beige, or navy blue. The peacoats are made of wool, while the trench coats are made of polyester-rayon blend. Anne Klein only offers about one or two true peacoats, and the others really fall into the trench coat category.

Most of the coats in this category are quite fitted and reach to just below the waist, although Anne Klein does have a few that reach down to mid-thigh and one or two that reach to the knees. Right now the fitted style that reaches just below the waist is in style, so that is why the designer offers coats that mostly fall into that category.

The Anne Klein Faux Fur Coat

Anne Klein also offers one or two faux fur coats for the gal who loves her furs. One of these coats is even reversible, which gives it more flexibility for wear. The faux fur coats from Anne Klein come in either a leopard print or a black fur that is reversible.


Anne Klein is a name brand designer, and the coats go for name brand prices, although there are certainly other designers that sell for more money. Every Anne Klein coat sells for over $100, and most sell for around $200. There are a few that are priced as high as $300, and one or two that even retail for close to $900.

Many department stores carry Anne Klein coats, although most of them are rather limited in the number of coats they carry by this designer. Women who are set on having an Anne Klein coat and want to choose from the widest selection possible should check out the designer’s website. In some cases the coats there will sell for a small discount off what the retailer would usually sell them for because the consumer is purchasing directly from the designer.

Women who own Anne Klein coats say that the coats are of good quality for the price. They are also stylish enough to remain in style for several years. The coats that get the highest marks from women are the wool coats, especially the peacoats. Ladies say that the coat lasts them a long time and is well worth the money.

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