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Xerox All In One - Buying Xerox All-in-One Printers

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Business is all about efficiency. If there is a way to do something faster, easier, and less expensive, there is no reason to hold back. Purchasing all-in-one or multifunction printers are a simple yet effective way to increase office efficiency and save money. At the same time, trying it increase efficiency with a multifunction printer can be a disaster if you choose the wrong brand and model. Xerox all-in-one printers are a brand that can be trusted, but they have several different models to meet differing business needs.

Choosing a model of Xerox all-in-one printer is made easier by first understanding the benefits of all-in-one printers in general and by understanding what to look for in a specific model. Basically, a multifunction printer has the ability to not only print documents from a computer, but it can act as a scanner, photocopier, and fax machine, also. This is the primary benefit of the device: instead of needing four separate pieces of hardware, everything can be done with a single, space-saving unit.

The best Xerox all-in-one printers are able to print a variety of documents, including brochures and flyers with both text and color images. Faxing can be done through the machine by scanning in documents like a standard fax machine or by sending documents through to the fax directly from an attached or networked computer.

The scanning function of Xerox all-in-one printers has several functions. Scanning is required for faxing documents and for making photocopies. In addition, the scanner can be used for digital archiving purposes.

When evaluating which model of Xerox all-in-one printers will work best for you and your business, a few different factors should be considered. Here are some considerations when choosing:

  • What do you need? – What are your exact office requirements and goals? How many copies, faxes, and print jobs does your business complete in a day, week, or month? How many people will be using the device? How many computers will be on the network with the device? This also includes speed and print quality requirements.
  • What is the cost? – This does not mean simply the upfront cost, but the total cost of ownership (TOC). This includes ink/toner costs.
  • What are people saying about it? – You should read several reviews, both professional and consumer, to see how the Xerox all-in-one is rated in actual performance.
  • Is it easy to use? – What is the learning curve required for use? How easy is it to network and maintain?

To get you started in choosing between Xerox all-in-one printers, here are a few models that have been named as bestsellers by top online retailers. Xerox all-in-one printers can be purchased directly through the Xerox store, but often, third-party retailers of business equipment will have better prices.

Phaser 6128 MFP Color Xerox All-in-One Printer
This is the most popular of Xerox all-in-one printers, and one of the most highly rated. You will be hard pressed to find any review that gives it less than 4 stars out of 5. This is a smaller model of Xerox printer compared with the others. It is made for small offices or small workgroups within larger offices. It handles pages up to 8.5” x 14”. It can print 12 pages per minute (ppm) and is made for a monthly duty cycle of 40,000 pages or less. The Phaser 6128 is network-ready or it can be connected directly to a single computer via a USB cable not included. The features are well-rounded, allowing personalized printing and color-printing lock out. This printer lists for $499.

WorkCentre 3220 Monochrome Xerox All-in-One Printer
This printer is not as highly rated at the Phaser 6128, but it sells just as well. The major differences are that this is a monochrome (black and white) printer and it prints at 30 ppm. Black and white features and easy networking remain near identical. Past customers love this printer for its compact design, easy setup, and print quality. Among the problems reported are that it jams easily. This printer also lists for $499.

Phaser 8560MFP Color Solid Ink Xerox All-in-One Printer
This printer is a step up from the previous two in that it is made for medium-sized offices. It has a color print speed of 30 ppm and is made for a monthly duty cycle of up to 85,000 pages. The advanced features include optical character recognition and automated online troubleshooting. This printer lists for $1399.

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