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Outdoor Motion Light - Shopping for an Outdoor Motion Light - The Concept SL-100 Solar Security Light

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An outdoor motion light is an important part of any homeowner’s security because it lights up the exterior of a home as soon as someone moves close to the house. A light with a motion sensor will ensure there is plenty of light by your doors and windows in the case of someone trying to break into your home. Of course there are many different kinds of outdoor motion lights available, so it can be difficult to choose the best one. Reading reviews of some of the most popular outdoor motion lights reveals which two are the best.

The Concept SL-100 Solar Security Light

There are a few features any consumer should look for when shopping for an outdoor motion light, and the Concept SL-100 has them all. First of all, the light is solar-powered, which means it spends all day storing up energy to turn the light on at night. This also means that the light is extremely low maintenance and homeowners do not have to worry about the light not working if there is a power outage. The installation is also very easy because there is no need to wire electricity to the light. Just install it wherever you need an outdoor motion light, and you are good to go. The light uses 32 wide-angle LEDs, which makes the light equivalent to a 20 watt bulb.

Customers who have purchased this outdoor motion light appreciate that it can be mounted as one unit or separated into two so that the light can be placed as needed and the solar panel can be placed in direct sunlight for best exposure. Customers also say that they have owned other solar motion lights, and they just did not work as well as the one made by Concept. This light retails for about $50 to $80, depending on where it is purchased.

The Maxsa Motion-Activated Outdoor Light

Homeowners who are looking for an inexpensive outdoor motion light should check out Maxsa’s motion-activated outdoor light. This light retails for only $25, but it offers a lot of light in a small area. The light is perfect for doors where homeowners may have to fumble with their keys at night. This light is also very easy to install because it does not require any wiring of electricity. However, it does use four C batteries, which can be a bit of a problem if the batteries run out. However, homeowners who own this light say that the batteries usually last more than a year. The light uses five LED lights and is easily portable. It fits in a small area and is weather resistant. The sensor reaches a 10 foot radius.

A good rule of thumb for homeowners who purchase a battery-operated outdoor motion light is to change the batteries every year around the same time they change the batteries in their smoke detector. This will ensure that the light is always working.

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