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Flowers Boca Raton - Purchasing Flowers in Boca Raton - Petal Designs, Exceptional Flowers and Gifts, Boca Raton Florist

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Finding the best place to purchase flowers in Boca Raton is a big job. There are many different florists in the Boca Raton area, and while creations from almost any florist will be beautiful, there are a few florists that offer floral designs that go far beyond the rest. Thankfully customers in the Boca Raton area have voiced their opinions of the floral arrangements they have received from various florists, so we have collected those comments and rated the top places to buy flowers in Boca Raton.

Petal Designs

Top of the list of best places to purchase flowers in Boca Raton is Petal Designs. Many customers say that the only florist they will use in Boca Raton is Petal Designs. The floral arrangements are unique and handcrafted by the owner, whose first name is Petal. The florist’s website includes many arrangements, which are organized by category or occasion. The florist offers both contemporary and traditional floral designs, and buyers can also shop by price, which starts at $40 and goes up over $250. Buyers can choose to order online and have their arrangements delivered anywhere, although some arrangements are for local delivery only. The website is clearly marked so that buyers can see which arrangements cannot be shipped.

Exceptional Flowers and Gifts

Second on the list of florists is Exceptional Flowers and Gifts. Buyers can also purchase flowers on the website and have them shipped anywhere. The website is organized by occasions and holidays. Also the business sells other gifts like gourmet cheesecake and chocolates, corporate gifts, spa gift baskets, and more. One interesting thing about Exceptional Flowers and Gifts’ website is the section about different types of flowers. Buyers who need some ideas about what kind of flowers to purchase can read about the various flowers, what they mean, the messages behind them, and the history and origin. This florist starts out in price slightly cheaper than Petal Designs, right around $35 for an arrangement, although most arrangements average around $50 or more. Customers who have ordered flowers from this florist say the flowers arrived looking very bright and fresh. They also say that the florist was extremely easy to work with, and he even calls to remind forgetful customers about upcoming occasions (like anniversaries!) they might need to order flowers for.

Boca Raton Florist

Boca Raton Florist is also a great place to buy flowers in the Boca Raton area. The thing that makes this florist stand out above the rest is the owner’s ability to get some of the more exotic flowers people occasionally look for. In fact, many of the arrangements offered by Boca Raton Florist do not look like anything sold by any of the other florists in the area. Of course the florist offers the standard arrangements in both traditional and contemporary styles, but he also offers Eastern styles that are reminiscent of Japan. Prices at Boca Raton Florist start at $45 and go up to $150.

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