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How To Become A Psychologist - Are you interested in becoming a psychologist?

How to become a psychologist.

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Psychology is an interesting subject because it opens up a vast array of fields and occupations — some of which require licensing and some of which do not. In the field of mental health, a psychologist is a person who has his/her Doctorate in Psychology. Fields such as social psychology,biological psychology, and developmental psychology do not require a license and are used primarily for teaching and research. If you are interested in educational psychology, which would entitle you to work in a school setting as a counselor, you need to obtain your Master’s Degree in Psychology.

To become a psychologist there are certain characteristics that a person should have: interest in people, a desire to understand what motivates people to do specific things, and an interest in the health care field. It is important to enjoy research and reading as well. You will want to choose an undergraduate school that has a strong Psychology Department. Many graduate schools require an undergraduate degree in psychology and a strong GPA (Grade Point Average). Somewhere in your third year of studies at your undergraduate university, you will want to begin the process of applying for a graduate studies program in psychology and register to take the GRE (Graduate Review Exam).

There are two types of graduate level degrees that you can pursue in order to become a licensed psychologist. One is a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy). Many people choose this area of study. In order to obtain your Ph.D., you will be required to write a dissertation which is an original work of scientific research regarding a topic approved by your professors. The other degree is a Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology). This is a newer type degree that focuses on the clinical practice of psychology and puts less emphasis on the research side. Both of these degrees will take a minimum of five years to complete and are weighed equally in your ability to administer mental health solutions to patients.

There are two different school settings as well. There are University Programs and Professional School Programs. Professional schools are more lenient in admission requirements but are much more expensive. University Programs are less expensive but have harder standards for acceptance into the program. Most of the Professional Schools of Psychology offer the Psy.D. while the University Psychology Programs offer the Ph.D. Whatever route you decide to take, the admission process is difficult and time consuming. It is estimated that 6 in 100 applications are actually accepted. Factors under consideration are your GPA, research experience, published articles, and undergraduate degree program; however, do not be discouraged if you get many rejections. If it is something you want to do, perserverance is always the key to success.

The salary range of a psychologist varies according to location, employment setting, abilities, experience, and nature of employment. It can range from $30,000.00 to over $100,000.00 per year according to your situation. Being a psychologist is a rewarding field and one worth pursuing if you have the desire.

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