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Afl Grand Final Tickets - Locating Those Hard-to-Find AFL Grand Final Tickets

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If you are in Australian, the hottest sporting event tickets, nay, the hottest tickets for any event, are AFL Grand Final tickets. Indeed, the AFL Grand Final has been likened to an event of biblical proportions and great religious significance. The winner of the Australian Football League Grand Final is said to be bathed in the glory of the Premiership. Players and fans who were able to get AFL Grand Final tickets leave the event knowing they have been a part of history, and they have shared in the fame of the tradition.

Australians love their football. There’s no question about that. Their love of the game culminates in the bestowment of the AFL premiership cup and the premiership flag. Most Australians would give their left nut to be able to attend this all-important event. The closest most get, though, is being able to attend the Grand Final parade or one of the many parties in cities around Australia and internationally.

The AFL Grand Final is held every year in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on the last Saturday of September. It has the largest attendance of any sporting event in Australia. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has a capacity of 100,000 people. This includes 95,000 seated and 5,000 standing room spaces. Most events, however, only sell 98,000 to 99,000 tickets, at the most. The MCG was first built in 1861 and remained unchanged until the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne in 1956. This year brought several additions and finally, the entire stadium was reconstructed in 1992.

The MCG Arena, where AFL Grand Final tickets will take you, is 20,000 square meters in area and 1.7 million cubic meters in volume. The goalposts for AFL events are 15 meters high. The two giant electronic video screens, eight banks of sirens, and the roar of the screaming fans all combine to make for a truly exhilarating experience.

Unfortunately, there are not enough AFL Grand Final tickets to go around for everyone. MCG Arena waves the 1,000 to 2,000 standing room safety zone and sells all of the 100,000 tickets available. The event has been sold out every year for as long as anyone can remember, with the last time it wasn’t being sold out listed only as several decades ago.

Most AFL Grand Final tickets are reserved for AFL members and the competing club members. Only 40,000 tickets are sold to the public in advance. In recent years, these tickets are sold out in less than six hours after going on sale. 10,000 seats and 1,000 standing room only tickets are reserved for sale on the day of the game. These tickets are sold by what the AFL and MCG Arena states as a “first-in, best-dressed” basis.

Because AFL Grand Final tickets are so difficult to buy, many people opt to sell their tickets for the high prices they demand. If you have the money, these tickets can be purchased in limited quantities from online ticket brokers. The best time to search for these tickets is in the first weeks of September.

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