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Dymo Labelwriter Labels - Best Places to Find Dymo Labelwriter Labels - Straight to the Source, Online-R-Us

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So you are having a great time labeling everything in your kitchen, when all of a sudden you realize that your label maker is now plain out of labels! So where do you go to get a refill? You know you can find them at the store you originally bought the label maker from, but are there better sources?

Well, there sure are plenty of alternatives out there, but which one you choose depends on your specific needs. Here is a look at a few top sources as well as their individual pros and cons.

Straight to the Source

First up is one of the most obvious solutions – going straight to the manufacturer! Check out Dymo’s web site for a comprehensive listing of available labels.

The good thing about going to the manufacturer is that you can find exactly the right product for your particular model. Dymo offers a convenient product finder that makes it easy to find all applicable labels that go with your machine. When you go directly through Dymo, you can be sure of quality product and a fairly quick and easy purchase process. You can also find a more comprehensive listing of all label maker models.

Like most manufacturers, going directly through Dymo to get your labels will usually translate into paying a premium over discount sites and other retailers.


Some third-party retail sites like Label City are devoted to nothing but third-party labels. They offer discounted prices on hundreds of different label types.

With this type of site, the average price is a good deal lower than going direct from the manufacturer. And if you are worried about quality, you can verify on the site that it is actually a label produced by Dymo for a specific label type.

You have to be careful of what site you use. There are plenty of sites that offer these products, and some are better than others. You should take time to shop around and find sites with good selection, guarantees, an easy check-out process, and security measures in place. Label City above meets these criteria, which is why we listed them.

Big Chain, Big Site

And then you have big-box office chains like Office Max that built equally big web sites to match. You can find everything from the retail stores (and usually more) online.

Convenience – many of these sites will allow you to pick up your items at a local retail location. Sometimes you can do it instantly if it is in stock, so this takes a lot of the waiting out of online shopping, while still keeping the better prices of online shopping. They also frequently have similar refund and return policies as the retail stores, which can help give you some peace of mind.

Since these stores carry hundreds of different products in dozens of categories, it can be trickier to verify that you have the correct product for your machine. You are not guaranteed to have helpful guides to help you find the right brand as you would on a more specialized site.

Other Possibilities

Finally, you never know what you might find with a little creativity. Think of places around you that might have extra labels for label makers lying around. Look for garage sales, or even better yet, office liquidations! When offices go out of business, move, or make another big change, sometimes they will liquidate their available inventory. And label makers usually abound.

You can also check out eBay to find package deals on refill label packs, or even hop on Craigslist to try your luck. Just try typing in “labelmaker labels” in the search bar for your town to see what comes up. You never know what you might discover!

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