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Income Property For Sale - Quick Guide to Income Property for Sale - Income from Tenants (Multi-Unit Rentals and Businesses), Business Franchises

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When it comes to finding income property for sale online, people sometimes do not realize just how many options there are out there for them. “Income property” itself is a very broad term – there are all sorts of ways to generate income from a property. So first, it is a good idea to narrow down your search to exactly what you are looking for. This guide will introduce main types of income property, as well as an online hub for each specific type.

Income from Tenants (Multi-Unit Rentals and Businesses)

One of the main definitions for income property is rental housing units, including apartments, condos, four-plexes, etc. If you are looking specifically for large multi-unit housing rental properties, a great place to start is on Loopnet. Loopnet can help you find residential income properties anywhere in the nation – all you have to do is enter your desired parameters. It can be as simple as entering a zip code or city name, or as complex as you like – they offer advanced search options to narrow down your query by type of property, year built, price range, and any other pertinent information.

Also, if you are looking for more traditional single-family homes to rent out, Zillow can be your new best friend. With its online tools, you can get an instant look at the current house market in any area, plus access to many handy charts that will help make your home search easier. You can find crime statistics, average listing and sale prices, school information, and much more.

Business Franchises

Another great way to earn income from your property investment is to look into becoming a franchisee. And it is not just the McDonald’s and Gold’s Gyms that are franchising all over the country – hundreds of different business ideas can be had from the nation’s franchise opportunities. You can explore more unique and little-known businesses that could really “fit” with your particular personality or region. To get started brainstorming, try a site like FranchiseOpportunities.com, which offers a large database of franchises sorted by business category. Every franchise is unique, so do not paint all franchise businesses with a broad brush. No matter what your personality or skills, you could find a business that you could feel proud of representing.

Acreage for Sale

Lastly, if you are looking to invest in land itself, then you should turn your attention to sites like LandWatch.com. LandWatch hosts a huge database of land parcels for sale across the country. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it. Just want a small parcel of residential land? No problem. Want vast acres of forest in the mountains? They have it. Relaxing beachfront property in Florida? No problem. If you are getting into the land investment game, there are few better places to get started. Also keep an eye on their auctions section, which will notify you of any land auctions in your target area. If you are vigilant, you could really steal a great deal!

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