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Ethernet Network Hub - Purchasing an Ethernet Network Hub?

Looking for an Ethernet Network Hub?

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Depending on the speed of your networking connection or broadband speed, there are many different types of Ethernet network hubs available for your use. A significant factor in choicing an Ethernet hub is the consideration as to how many computers you intend to connect. Hubs are less expensive than switches but switches do not incur collisions (occurs when two or more PCs send informaiton at the same time). Switches work at a higher speed. Most all Ethernet hubs support up to 4 connections but larger hubs can support 12, 16, and 24 ports. Some hubs support less than four but usually have an uplink connector. Hubs and switches can be interconnected to allow the addition of more computers.

For resource sharing and information exchange, the ethernet network hub Netgear EN104TP 4-port 10 Mbps Ethernet Hub RJ-45 by Netgear. This product offers network expansion with an uplink port and accesses four 10Base-T ports. With a speed of 10 Mbps this product has built in LED indicators allowing port status information. This is a great product for a home office because of its size and easy installation.

Versa Technology has released two new product devices to its POE (Power of Ethernet) line the POE-1200G and the POE-2400G, which are a cost effective answer to an upgrade. These products help you to maintain managed switches while limiting your individual injectors. The units provide full power capabilities with the POE-1200G offering 200 watts (supporting 12 remote powered devices) and the POE-2400G (supporting 24 remote powered devices) offering 400 watts. They are both IEEE 802.3af PoE Web Management injector Hubs.

The Belkin F5U304-BRN saves space because of its small size and allows a maximum of 4 device hook-up temporarily for quick and easy access on almost any operating system. To keep the hub anchored to your desk, there is an internal weight for added security. It is compatible with Windows VISTA. Similar to the Belkin, the Dynex 4-port 10 Mbps Network Hub is ideal if you would like to build a small LAN. There are 4 auto sensing ports and LED indicators to monitor power and collisions. This product can be mounted to the wall for convenience.

The 3Com HomeConnect Home Network has a 5-port dual-speed hub. It is unique in that it has a vertical design so space is not an issue. What’s nice about this particular hub is that it has a five-year warranty. Another 5-port model dual-speed hub is the Linksys EW5HUB. This product includes an uplink port as well. It is one of the smallest hubs at 4.52 inches wide. Linksys has a five-year warranty too.

When searching for the right Ethernet Network Hub for your home or office, make sure that it will support both the older 10 Mbps and the newer 100 Mbps connections. Cost can be a determining factor as well as warranty and brand name.

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