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Digital 8 Camcorders - Best Digital 8 Camcorders Available

Compare Digital 8 Camcorders

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Are you in the market for Digital 8 Camcorders? A great choice would be the SonyDCRTRV460 Digital 8 Handycam Camcorder w/20 Optical Zoom. It has a super steady shot image stabilizer and an analog-to-digital conversion ability. This is a wonderful feature if you have 8mm/Hi8 tapes and even VHS tapes that you need to digitize. It has a SwivelScreen LCD display (gives great viewing ability) and NightShot infrared recording (helps when you have low-lighting). By using the USB interface and the internet you can share with your family and friends live video and audio. You can take photos through the Digital Still Memory Mode. This product is in the price range of $250.00.

On a lower price scale there is the Samsung SC-DX205 Camcorder. This digital 8 camcorder is lightweight and has a 2.7" LCD screen. It does not have the wonderful SwivelScreen LCD display as the Sony. Although it does not have the NightShot infrared feature, the DX205 has a high-performance Schneider lens with a 34x optical zoom. The auto focus option on the DX205 helps keep the picture focused if rapid movement causes a blur. This camcorder allows you to record in two formats – DVD-R/RW or SD/SDHC flash memory card. In the price range of $150.00, the Samsung is a great bargain.

Priced a little higher than the two is the Toshiba Camileo X100 PA3790U-1CAM at approximately $300.00. The 3.0" touch screen LCD display makes operation easier, and you will love the digital still camera function for your still memory shots. It does not have the ability to pause recording so that you have to interrupt your video by stopping and restarting again. This is frustrating to some customers. The Toshiba has the SwivelScreen LCD display and automatic focus feature with 100x zoom. A fun feature to the Toshiba is the Easy YouTube upload button. It uses the SD/SDHC format flash memory card.

JVC’s Everio GZ-MS230RUS Camcorder is a very compact camera that fits in your hand comfortably. The Everio has a Super LoLux feature to brighten your shot when in low-light. The shooting programs help determine the type of setting to bring about the best footage: spotlight, portrait mode, night mode, sports mode, and twilight mode. There is even a black and white special effects feature to bring variety to your films. The Everio also has the YouTube ready mode to video your talents and skills and easily upload to share with family and friends. This camera is priced in the range of $200.00.

There isn’t really a right or wrong choice between Digital8 Camcorders and MiniDV; however, a few comparisons of which you should be aware: Digital8 is compatible with 8mm and Hi-8 analogue tapes which enables you to keep your older memory makers safe. MiniDVs can be compatible with the right equipment and expense. Digital8 is less expensive than MiniDVs although many believe that MiniDVs have better quality in picture making. A comforting aspect to keep in mind is that Digital8 will upgrade to MiniDVs. Since it is all-about-the -budget for most of us, Digital8 is a better choice until you can afford the MiniDVs route.

Finding the right Digital 8 Camcorder for your family is fun with a little research and knowledge of what features are a must to film the best memory footage. Prices vary so shop around before you buy to make sure you get the best deal on the camera of your choice. All that is left to do now is record!

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