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Graco Play Yards - Reviews of Graco Play Yards - On the Go, Entertainment, Care Stations

baby parents changing silhouette

There are several different Graco play yards, and most of them have the same basic construction, although there are a few small details that make some of the Graco play yards stand out above the rest. Also some Graco play yards have different uses, so it is important for new parents to plan ahead and think about what they will use a play yard for. Some new parents use a play yard just as a the name implies, as a play pen for their new baby. Others use it as an additional sleeping place for their little one, and still others like play yards that have everything attached to them, including a diaper changing area. Here are the best of the best Graco play yards in the three most popular categories.

On the Go

The classic “Pack ‘n’ Play” play yards from Graco have everything parents need actually attached to them. They have a small portable changing table, a baby bassinet, a storage tray, and a play yard. This type of play yard is perfect for traveling parents who always want to have everything they need nearby. The classic play yard comes in a variety of patterns and designs, with colors ranging from brown and green to blue or pink. The classic model is the most popular one sold by Graco, and it retails for around $110.


Parents who have children that are slightly older and no longer in need of a small changing table or bassinet often prefer to skip to an entertainment play yard. These play yards are basically the same as the base unit from the standard “Pack ‘n’ Play,” except they do not have the extra pieces. They are just a play yard where baby can sit or lie down and mom does not have to worry about him crawling or rolling away into danger. The entertainment play yard from Graco comes in black, red, or a multi-color version. The black and red play yards sell for about $100, while the multi-color version retails for about $110.

Care Stations

There are five different Graco play yards that the manufacturer categorizes as care stations, and these play yards are essentially the premium versions of the “Pack ‘n’ Play” play yards. Out of the five care stations, the Silhouette is the most popular. It offers neutral colors like brown and black, paired with other modern colors like pastel blue or aqua. The Silhouette features a posture-plus changing table, which holds baby at the perfect angle for changing him. It also has an organizer to keep all of the important basic items handy. There is a bassinet that lies in the top of the play yard, and a canopy that can be used if you like to sit outside with baby in the play yard. The Silhouette also comes with an electronic unit that provides vibration, classical music, and nature sounds to help soothe baby whenever he cries. The Silhouette sells for around $170.

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