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Property For Sale In Edinburgh - Searching for Property for Sale in Edinburgh - Old Town, South Edinburgh, New Town, Leith

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Looking for property for sale in Edinburgh is always an adventure because of the history of the city. Most real estate agents in Edinburgh divide the city up into four distinct areas: Old Town, New Town, Leith, and the South Side. Knowing a little bit about each of these four areas of the city and the property for sale in each one can help a lot with the selection process.

Old Town

The Old Town part of Edinburgh is preserved in medieval and Reformation-era architecture. Edinburgh Castle lies in Old Town, as do St. Giles’ Cathedral and the Royal Museum. Most of the property for sale in this part of the city is flats inside of high rise buildings. Flats in Old Town start at 130,000 pounds and go up from there. Finding a single family home for sale in Old Town is extremely rare, so expect to pay even more if you are lucky enough to find one.

South Edinburgh

The most popular area to live in Edinburgh is the south side of the city. Many well-to-do neighborhoods are located on the city’s south side, and these neighborhoods also hold some very good state and private schools. The University of Edinburgh has its main campus on the city’s south side, along with Napier University. Many well-known authors live in South Edinburgh, including J.K. Rowling and Ian Rankin. The price for property for sale in Edinburgh’s south side starts at 25,000 pounds for a simple garage by itself and goes to 60,000 for a studio flat. The greatest majority of the properties for sale in South Edinburgh are flats, until you reach past 100,000 pounds, although there are still some flats that sell for the same price as the least expensive homes. Most single family homes on this side of the city are priced at 130,000 pounds and up.

New Town

New Town is essentially an extension of Old Town, and it holds the principal shopping areas of the city and Bute House, which is the official home of the First Minister of Scotland. Homes in New Town are Georgian in architectural style. Both flats and single family homes are generally available in the New Town area, although home prices start at 125,000 pounds. Flats usually start around 130,000 pounds.


Leith is actually Edinburgh’s port area. The town was annexed into the county, but it takes up the eastern side of the city. Leith is quite a mixed area of Edinburgh because it includes high rises, homes, and standard flats. A few are right on the water, although these may be difficult to find on the market. Standard flats in the Leith area start 50,000 pounds and go up from there. Single family homes in Leith start at 125,000 pounds, although most of them sell for over 225,000 pounds. Single home prices in Leith are quite varied, so anyone who is searching for almost any price range over 100,000 pounds is sure to find something.

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