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Paperback Book Club - Join a Paperback Book Club

How to Find a Paperback Book Club

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We all do it. Fill our book shelves with novels, school textbooks, children’s books, and how-to’s that we have read and now simply collect dust in some back bedroom of our home. Even worse, we may toss the old books in the trash during a spring cleaning project and add more to the already overflowing community landfill. Why not join a paperback book club and exchange the books you no longer can use with someone who can use them? It is an incredible idea. Join people across the globe who are learning how to recycle books.

At swap.com you can offer a book, CD, movies, or video games and in return pick from a wide variety of items of equal or lesser value. Basically, the item collecting dust at your house becomes something new for someone else. It is a cost effective way to save the planet, spend less on books, CDs, movies and games, and it is a great way to get new to you items that are slightly used. Swap.com has a Safe Swap Guarantee. If you swap an item with a member and you do not receive that item after 10 business days, Swap.com will become involved. If they cannot locate your item, the swap member’s credit card is charged and a replacement item is shipped to you immediately. You are responsible for the shipping fee and there is a small “swap fee” amounting to $.50 for low-value swaps and $1.00 for high-value swaps. The process of swapping an item involves first listing the item, which swap.com will value. Browse the website and choose an item of equal value. Once the owner of the item approves the swap, you will receive an address to send your item or you will give an address to receive your item. It is truly that simple.

At PaperBack Swap exchanging books couldn’t be easier. Once you become a member, list books that you would like to swap with another member. When your book is requested, you will mail it to the club member at your expense. In return, you have the opportunity to choose from a list of over 4,000,000 books! Books that are requested are mailed to you free of charge. Currently, PaperBack Swap Book Club is free; however, at some point there may be an annual registration fee of $10.00. When you list your first ten books, you receive two free book credits.You can search the PaperBack Book Swap Library for titles that interest you. If you select a book from another member, the book will be sent to you at the member’s expense.

On a local level, there are many projects available for you to benefit literacy in your community. Before you throw books away, visit your local library. Libraries are always in need of funding and books. Usually three to four times a year, local libraries have book donations. Find out when your library has a drive and participate. Schools often are in need of books. Contact your local department to inquire of the possibility of donating your used books. Prisons need books, especially how-to books and educational books for the inmates’ use. There might also be a used bookstore in or around your city. The used bookstore may take your used books and give a “credit” that you can used towards purchasing other used books in the store. There are many opportunities to give the gift of reading to those in need. Be a literacy advocate and donate your used books.

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