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Cash Register Scanner - Cash Register Scanner Options

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A cash register scanner or barcode scanner, as it is more commonly known, is a very important device for retail stores today. A cash register scanner’s main purpose is not what most people believe it to be. Most people believe a cash register scanner’s purpose is to automatically ring up the price of any item as a customer is purchasing it. While a cash register scanner certainly accomplishes this, its main purpose is for inventory tracking. Both of these purposes help businesses to control losses and inventory shrinkage so profits are maximized.

If it were not for the ability of a cash register scanner to save the business money, they would never have been implemented. A good employee with prices memorized can ring up purchases faster than a scanner can. There is also no big deal for prices or items that are in the system incorrectly. Additionally, a lot of labor goes into maintaining a barcoded inventory that customers never see. There are definitely more labor hours that go into a computerized, barcoded inventory than a non-computerized inventory. However, these labor hours can be justified by the money saved in reduced inventory shrinkage.

The cash register scanner options that are open to you largely depend on your cash register system. Fortunately, many retail businesses now use a PC-based cash register system that allows for a wide variety in choices of cash register scanners. Many of these scanners will connect directly to a PC through a serial port. Most computers still have a serial port available that is not used much outside of business settings. Newer scanners will connect to the system through USB ports, which have replaced the need for serial ports and printer ports.

New cash register scanners are very affordable and they work with most any hardware and software configurations. Some proprietary software and hardware systems, though, will only work with certain scanners. When considering purchasing a scanner, you will want to make sure you have the correct ports to hook it up and that it will work with your barcode system. Other factors to consider include the following:

  • Wired or wireless
  • In-counter or on-counter
  • Fixed position, handheld, or combination
  • CCD or Laser – CCD scanners are a new type of scanning technology that uses red LED lights instead of lasers. They can complete 45 scans per second, but are only good at short range. Lasers are not as fast and do not last as long, but they are good for long range.

Here are three of the top-rated choices for a cash register scanner made by those who run retail businesses and those who specialty suppliers are for retail businesses:

DataLogic QuickScan 2130
This is without a doubt, the top-rated cash register scanner being sold today. DataLogic has been a trusted name in Point-of-sale equipment for years, and they stand by this product with a 5-year warranty. The main selling points of this scanner are its reliability and accuracy due to a green-dot aiming laser. The Quickscan 2130 can connect via a choice of three points: serial, USB, or a PS/2 keyboard port. This handheld scanner comes with a stand for fixed-position scanning, and it is rated to withstand drops of up to 5 feet on concrete. List price is $169.

POSGuys Ultra Scan
This scanner is marketed by a popular online POS retailer, POSGuys.com. It is a low-cost, high-quality alternative to name-brand scanners. This scanner uses a linear prism to reduce moving parts required for spinning mirror scanners. Performance tests show this scanner to read accurately from up to 12 inches, but it does have two drawbacks: it is trigger activated and there is no stand included. For many business owners, the price more than makes up for the drawbacks. List price is only $119.

Honeywell HHP 3800g
This scanner is rated for high volume retail and industrial settings. It has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. It features a green power-up LED light and an autosensing stand with a flexible neck. It has rubberized sides and a rubberized handle-end for durability and protection against scratching other objects. This scanner can scan at up to 15 inches, through up to 2 layers of plastic, and can operate in bright sunlight. The HHP 3800g sells for $173.

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