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Presto Deep Fryers - Comparing Presto Deep Fryers

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If there is one thing that Americans love, it is deep fried foods. With deep fried Twinkies, Snickers, and spaghetti and meatballs on a stick all being done, there is nothing we do not deep fry. Sometimes, it is just not convenient to go out for our deep-fried fare. It can end up costing a lot of money and being terribly inconvenient. When the craving strikes for deep-fry it must be satiated immediately. That is why no one should be without a deep-fryer in their home.

Because deep-fried foods are so important to the American diet, it cannot do to just buy any old deep-frying machine. An unreliable deep-fryer is worse than a pan of oil heated on the stove. No, when deep-fried foods are on the line, only the best products should be considered. To be ensured that you are getting the best home deep-fryer that money can buy, making sure that it is made by Presto is a good start. No other brand can compare to Presto deep fryers.

National Presto Industries, Inc. is a world-renowned cookware manufacturer that has based its success on being able to provide the public with the innovative products it desires, ie. Presto deep fryers. The company was founded in Wisconsin way back in 1905, manufacturing pressure canners. In 1917, the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a statement that pressurized canning was the only safe way for storing low-acid foods at room temperature and Presto’s business took off.

After helping the WWII war effort, Presto turned to electric appliances in 1949. In 1976, home-cooked foods would undergo a revolution with the development of the FryBaby. This was the beginning of a long and juicy relationship of Presto and deep fryers. In an innovative move that may have been the inspiration of super-sized fries, one year later, Presto released the FryDaddy, and one year after that, the GranPappy Presto deep fryer found its way into homes.

The FryDaddy and GranPappy continue to be produced to this day, but are now accompanied by a whole new product line that incorporates the latest in technology and innovation into the world of deep frying.

Here are the top-selling Presto Deep Fryers now on the market:

Presto CoolDaddy (05442)
The Presto CoolDaddy is the latest and greatest of the Presto deep fryers. Its innovation is that all the frying is done within a cool case and with easy-to-use controls. The outside cool case comes in black or white and is made of durable hard plastic. The removable pot has a large cool handle that remains on the exterior of the case. A large viewing window is on the top for checking frying food. The unit is controlled with a simple thermostat and indicator light. It can fry up to 6-servings of food at once. List price is $69.99, but can often be found for as low as $39.99.

Presto Dual Basket ProFry (05466)
The Presto ProFry is as close as you can come to a professional deep-fryer in the home. It is an open unit that uses immersion elements to heat the oil. It has two cool-handled baskets with 6-cup capacity for each basket. Oil heats fast with an 1800-watt element, and the removable cover has a built-in charcoal filter that reduces mess and odor. The interior of the fryer is enameled, and the unit pulls triple-duty, converting to a boiler or a steamer simply by using water instead of oil. List price is $109.99, but can sometimes be found from online retailers from $69.99.

Presto DualDaddy (05450)
The Presto DualDaddy is a more functional version of the classic FryDaddy, the all-time best-selling of the Presto deep fryers. The DualDaddy is a nonstick metal pot, basketless fryer with a snap-on lid. It has an 8-cup capacity and comes with a removable divider. This fryer is completely automatic and has no on/off or temperature controls. Plug-in to use. Unplug when done. List price of the DualDaddy is $49.99, but can usually be found for under $40.

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