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Nautica Duvet Cover - For Style and Comfort, Choose a Nautica Duvet Cover

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When upgrading your bedroom décor and bedding, a popular choice is to go from a standard comforter to a duvet and duvet cover. A duvet is much different than a comforter. Comforters provide their warmth through layers of quilted fabric. Duvet is a word borrowed from the French for down, as in a type of soft, fluffy feather. A duvet is a large fabric bag filled with down or other down-like material and used as a cover for warmth and comfort. It is like a large, bed-sized, less plump pillow.

As we all know, bed pillows are not complete by themselves. They are only complete with a pillowcase. And so it is with the duvet. A duvet is not complete without a duvet cover. One of the leading brands of bedding, including duvet covers is Nautica. A Nautica duvet cover is an excellent choice for both style and comfort.

Nautica was founded in 1983 as designer/manufacturer of men’s wear. They took their name from the Latin word for ship as a way to distinguish a major accomplishment of the human race, seafaring, and liken their styles as striving for such importance. Over the next fifteen years, Nautica has expanded into women’s clothing, children’s clothing, and home products for bed and bath.

There are several benefits of using a Nautica duvet cover. Like a pillowcase, a Nautica duvet cover is important for providing maximum comfort and protecting your duvet. Because duvets are so large and bulky, they are difficult to wash effectively at home. Using a duvet cover will mean that the duvet doesn’t get dirty quickly. It is a much easier matter to remove and wash a duvet cover. It is usually not much more difficult than washing a sheet. Duvets are much more expensive than duvet covers. A Nautica duvet cover is less than $100, so it is much easier to replace than a full duvet.

Duvet covers are easy to use and remove. They may use buttons, a tie, or a zipper to completely close one end or they may simply have a flap, much like pillowcases with a center slot and layered flap. Queen and king-size duvet covers can sometimes be difficult to fit because they are so large. Another potential problem is the duvet bunching up inside the duvet cover. To solve this problem, some people use duvet clips that fit on the inside of the cover at the corners.

You can buy a Nautica duvet cover directly from a Nautica outlet store or from a number of top retailers. These retailers include Macy’s, Dillard’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more. In addition to these stores, you can find a Nautica duvet cover on many discount bedding stores online. Online stores will generally have the best prices for a Nautica duvet cover.

Here are some of the styles available for Nautica duvet covers:

  • Clearwater – The Clearwater duvet cover features a white interlocking link pattern on light gray/silver. It is 50% rayon/50% polyester.
  • Harrington Bay – This is a plaid design featuring black and grays with light blue pinstripes. It is 100% cotton.
  • Grover Beach – This design features sky blue and chocolate full-width blocks with white accents. It is also 100% cotton.
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