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National Tire Battery - Services Available at National Tire & Battery

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When tire problems arise, many people don’t have a regular mechanic or tire specialist to turn to. More often than not, they find the place with the biggest, most visible sign in the most locations. Barring that, they use the place that has a coupon every month in their Valu-Pak envelope. One of the businesses that meet both of these criteria is National Tire & Battery. As the name suggests, they are specialists in tires and batteries, but they also perform a full range of other automotive services.

National Tire & Battery was first formed in 1997 when two existing leaders in the automotive tire industry merged: National Tire Warehouse and Tire America. The business plan of the new company created is to provide fast, expert service while providing a large selection of products. Keeping in line with this business statement, the company carries most of the leading brands of tires, including BF Goodrich, Goodyear, Michelin, Sigma, Toyo, and Uniroyal. They also carry a large number of custom wheel brands: American Racing, Montegi, Prime, and TSW. Battery selection, however, is limited due to an exclusive contract with Exide.

National Tire & Battery, or NTB as they are also known, performed so well, they caught the eye of Tire Kingdom, a national leader in the industry that had been purchased by the Tire and Battery Corporation (TBC) in 2000. In 2003, Tire Kingdom bought out NTB, bringing them into the corporate fold along with other brands such as Merchant’s Tire & Automotive, Big-O-Tires, and Carroll Tire Company. Today, TBC and all of their holdings belong to the Sumitomo Corporation of Japan.

Besides Tires and Batteries, National Tire & Battery is equipped to perform a full range of automotive services. Here are some of the services available:

This is the company’s specialty and will always be what they do best. No matter how many complaints they receive regarding their more mechanical services, the majority of customers going in for tire services remain satisfied. All of these tire services can be performed:

  • New and used tire sales with professional mounting – Snow tires also available.
  • Tire repair – No use buying a new tire when a quick repair will work.
  • Wheel balancing and alignment – For a smoother ride and increased fuel economy.
  • Tire rotation – To ensure even wear and a longer lifespan for all tires.

A full range of battery services are available. Leading batteries are the Central Select 65, Service Central Advantage 75, Service Central Premier 85, and Service Central International.

  • New battery replacement
  • Old battery testing
  • Battery cable replacement
  • Alternator testing
  • Electric Starter testing

Oil Changes
Oil change services come in several different packages. All oil changes include up to 6 quarts of oil, a new oil filter, and chassis lubrication. Extra cost services include the changing of air filters, cabin filters, and fuel filters.

  • Select – Pennzoil Conventional oil.
  • High Mileage – Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle oil.
  • Advantage – Pennzoil Synthetic Blend oil.
  • Premier – Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic oil.

National Tire & Battery performs expert brake inspections. This includes a visual inspection of the brake pads and shoes, lines, hoses, master cylinder, rotors, and calipers. Brake inspection is recommended every 12,000 to 18,000 miles, but the frequency varies by the make and model of the vehicle.

Suspension/Front End
Steering and suspension problems are very common and can be handled by National Tire & Battery. Checking for problems in the suspension can prevent excessive tire wear and generally poor performance. Here are the services provided:

  • Shocks and struts – Shocks absorb bumps and improve handling while struts keep the cabin stable.
  • Steering and suspension – Steering problems can be disastrous.
  • Tie rods – Tie rod problems can interfere with steering.
  • Ball joints – Faulty ball joints are a severe safety hazard and a common source of front-end noise.
  • CV joints and axles – When CV boots tear or CV joints become worn, it can damage other critical systems of the vehicle.

Routine Maintenance
National Tire & Battery performs most every type of routine maintenance service required to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Here are the services available:

  • Brake fluid change – Extends the life of the entire brake system.
  • Transmission fluid change – Automatic transmission fluid should be changed periodically.
  • Radiator flushing – The radiator keeps the engine from overheating. A cooling system flush removes deposits that can clog the system.
  • Fuel system cleaning – Extends engine life.
  • Wiper blades – Vision through the windshield is essential to safe driving.
  • Belts – Belt drive belts wear down with time. Replace them before they crack or break.
  • Lights – All types of lights can be replaced: headlights, taillights, turning lights, and interior lights.
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