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No Prescription Contact Lenses - Buying No Prescription Contact Lenses

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No prescription contact lenses is a name that has been given to contact lenses that enhance color and are available without a corrective curve. The term no prescription contact lenses is very misleading because there is really no such thing as a contact lens you can get without a prescription. Even if you do not require corrective lenses, you will still need to visit your doctor and obtain a prescription for any type of colored lenses you may want to wear.

Retailers of contact lenses are required, by law, to obtain a prescription from your doctor before they sell you contact lenses of any sort. Even online retailers of contact lenses are subject to this law, and most companies strictly abide by it. The prescription is necessary to get the base measurements and curve of your eye to ensure that improperly fitted contacts do not damage your eye or compromise your vision.

Once you have had your eyes measured, you are free to buy your choice of colored no prescription contact lenses. No prescription contact lenses come in three general types: color enhancers, color changers, and novelty lenses.

  • Color Enhancers – These are best for light-colored eyes. They are lightly-tinted lenses that allow some of your regular eye color to shine through.
  • Color Changers – These are also known as opaque lenses. They are colored lenses that do not allow any light through, so they completely change the color of your eyes. These are necessary if you have a dark natural eye color or if you want to make a dramatic color change.
  • Novelty Lenses – These lenses are popular around Halloween. They include colors like black, silver, red, and gold. They can also have patterns or other pictures designed on them. They are made for temporary use with a costume.

Once you have your prescription for no prescription contact lenses, which are best referred to as colored lenses, you have a choice of where to go to buy them. You can walk into most major retailers of contact lenses and have them ordered for you. Some larger retailers may have them in stock, but this varies widely. One benefit to walking into a traditional eyewear store is that they may have free samples available. Always ask. This may help you decide if you like the color before you commit to a purchase.

Another way to buy no prescription contact lenses is to buy them through an online retailer. Online retailers may have a larger selection and, in many cases, can actually get you your lenses more quickly than a traditional store. They will ask you to send in a scanned copy of your prescription or to fax it to them before they complete your order. Online stores also tend to have better prices than traditional stores.

Many colored contact lens manufacturers have specials that allow you to obtain a free trial pair of no prescription lenses before you buy them. You can get these deals by watching for ads that you receive in the mail, in newspapers, or in magazine advertising. Contact lens manufacturers may also advertise free trials on their website. The free trials are given out in one of two ways: they will send you the free trial directly through the mail or they will send you a coupon for a free trial that you can redeem at a local retailer of eyewear.

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over 6 years ago

i dont need prescription lens but would like to try a color and if it is making me look any better ill buy all kinds from you