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Sell On Internet - How to Sell Products on the Internet

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Many advertisements that talk about how you can sell products on the Internet make promises of a large, steady income with little to no actual work involved. Anyone claiming you can get rich quick without having to work by selling products on the Internet is nothing but a scheme. If you want to make a steady but modest income online, a lot of work is required, especially in the beginning when you are first setting up.

There are several ways to sell products on the Internet. You can make it as simple or as difficult as you like. The more difficult methods are usually those that offer the most opportunity for growth, but there is nothing wrong with taking the easy route at first and stepping up later if you find you want to expand.

1. The first step to preparing to sell products online is having an email address. You can barely get through life now without an email address. If you want to sell products on the internet, an email address is essential. You can get a free email address from Google’s Gmail, Yahoo email, or Microsoft’s Hotmail. A better choice, however, is to use the free email that you receive from your internet service provider (ISP) or your website host. These types of email are considered more professional than other email services.

2. The next step in being able to effectively sell products on the Internet is having digital photos of your products. If you have stock digital photos provided by the product manufacturer, these work extremely well. If you are selling used products, you will want to take your own digital photos. Digital cameras, today, are inexpensive and easy to use.

3. To sell products on the Internet, you will need a means of collecting payment for your products. You can accept cash, checks, and money orders, but this is a very limited means of collecting payment for items sold online. These methods are slow, they can easily get lost, and checks may not clear the buyer’s bank.

An easier method of collecting payment is to set up an online payment account such as PayPal. PayPal and other similar types of accounts require you to link a bank account or credit card to the account. Some of them can also provide you with a debit card to withdraw funds from the payment account. If they do not give you a debit card, you will be able to transfer funds from your payment account to your bank account.

The last option for collecting payments is to set up a full-fledged credit card merchant account. These accounts are the same ones that traditional stores use to accept credit cards for purchases. There are a number of merchant card services available. Your bank probably has its own merchant services account available. You can usually get better rates, however, by going through a specialty merchant account service. Many of the big box wholesale warehouses, such as Sam’s Club and Costco provide merchant credit card accounts that are easy to set up and have low fees.

4. The next step in being able to sell products on the Internet is to have a platform on which to sell the products. There are three main platforms used to sell products on the Internet:

  • Online Classifieds – This is the easiest platform you can use to sell products on the Internet. It requires very little setup and are very low cost. Many online classifieds are completely free. All you have to do is enter a product title, description, and include some digital photos. The best example of an online classified website is Craigslist.
  • Online Auction Sites – This is where most people begin when they want to sell products on the Internet. Account setup is usually a little more complicated than that of classified sites, but you have several more options. Many auction sites allow you a choice of posting your products for sale as auctions or as a listing with a set selling price. The best example of an online auction site is eBay.
  • Personal/Business Website – This is the most complicated way to sell products on the Internet. For your own website, you will need either a website host or your own website server. You will then need to design and maintain your website. There are many companies available that you can hire to design, host, and maintain a professional website for you. If you cannot afford a professional webmaster, there are also companies that provide do-it-yourself software that simplifies the process.
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