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John Deere For Sale - Buying a John Deere for Sale

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John Deere is one of the top two U.S. manufacturers of commercial construction and agricultural work equipment. While both companies have very similar products and their world headquarters are located a mere 80 miles apart in rural Illinois, Caterpillar edges out in industrial equipment while John Deere is tops in agricultural. There is nary a farm throughout the breadbasket states that can be found without a John Deere tractor or combine being among their primary equipment.

John Deere was first founded way back in 1837 by a blacksmith in a small shop. His first product was also the first steel plow to be made commercially viable. The steel share on his iron-framed plow made tilling the hardy Midwest soil of Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska a much easier job. The next year, Mr. Deere came out with an all-steel plow that was even more successful. In 1848, Deere moved to Moline, IL on the Mississippi River where the company is still headquartered today.

After John’s death, under the leadership of son, Charles, the John Deere Company built its first prototype internal combustion engine tractor but an actual John Deere for sale does not come out until years later. When it does, it is an instant best-seller. Today, John Deere employs 50,000 people in three divisions: Agriculture and Turf, Construction and Forestry, and Credit.

What many people do not know about the company is that brand new John Deere for sale is available in several lines made for residential use. Residential John Deere for sale ranges from basic push mowers all the way up to all-terrain vehicles and powerful all-purpose tractors.

For those who are aware of these John Deere products for sale, they may not be aware that many of these residential models are not up to snuff with John Deere’s usual offerings. This is because many of these products have had to come down drastically in price to meet the prices of the competition available in the big box stores. The company could not come down in price without also coming down in quality.

Although you can find John Deere for sale at the big box stores such as Home Depot and Walmart, many of the products found there are exclusive models that are not sold directly through John Deere. The company sells only the higher-priced, higher-quality equipment through its own outlet. The inferior John Deere equipment for sale has suffered from a host of complaints due to frequent repairs necessary to keep them running. The big box stores are also known for skewing the specs of John Deere machines to make them sound better than they actually are.

It can only be recommended to buy John Deere for sale only directly from the company or from a specialty retailer. It is also necessary to examine all of the specifications carefully and inquire about those not listed.

Here are the residential product lines of John Deere for sale:

  • Walk-Behind Mowers – John Deere walk-behind mowers have a drive system so they do not need to be pushed. They can be used with a bag or as a bagless mower.
  • 100 Series Tractors – This is the basic line of John Deere riding mower. They are available in 8 different models with engines ranging from 19.5 horsepower to 26 hp. Prices range from $1499 to $2749.
  • Select Series Tractors – The Select Series is the premium series of riding mower/tractor. There are 27 different models in this series. The lower-end models have smaller engines than even the 100 Series tractors (17 hp), but they benefit from a more solid construction and improved handling. The models in this series fall into X300, X500, and X700 models. Prices range from $2999 for the X300 to $12,229 for the X749 Ultimate Tractor.
  • Zero-Turning Radius Mowers – This series of mowers uses a dual-handle steering system for a turning radius unmatched by standard tractors. There are 8 models available in a price range from $2899 to $5699.
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