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Turkish To English Translation - How to Get the Best Turkish to English Translation

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Turkish is not exactly the most popular language in the United States, so getting a good Turkish to English translation can be a difficult prospect. Outside of Turkey, where over 60 million people speak the language, most other Turkish speakers are located in surrounding countries and Europe, where there are large populations of Turks in Germany, France, Austria, and Switzerland. However, the lack of Turkish speaking people in the U.S. doesn’t make Turkish to English Translation impossible.

Turkish to English translations can be difficult for those who are not fully fluent in both languages. This is due to the dialects and grammatical peculiarities of the Turkish language. Turkish is said to be an agglutinative language, which means it uses a small set of base words with new words being created by adding one or more affixes to the base words. This can make some Turkish words extremely long and complicated.

Turkish has several dialects that can pose a challenge to some translators. Most of these dialects are not officially recognized and are still being studied and categorized by top universities. Those that have been categorized are the standard dialect of Istanbul. Others include Rumelice, which has several subdialects; Kibris, spoken by the Cypriots; Ege, from the Aegean; Guneydogu, in the southeast; Orta Anadolu, from the central Anatolia; Karadeniz, by the people on the east bank of the Black Sea; Kastamonu; Hemsinli; and Karamanlica. Although most Turkish to English translations will be from the Istanbul dialect, it can be extremely helpful to have a translator who is familiar with the other dialects.

Your Turkish to English translation needs will be dependent on the type of document you have to be translated. It is important to match the type of document with a specific translator. Medical documents should be translated by medical experts, government documents should be translated by immigration or civil document experts, and personal documents should be translated by a person familiar with the Turkish dialect. Many Turkish to English translations can also be made from and to standard website languages such as HTML, Java, Perl, ASP, or others. For this, it is best to visit a translator with strong website design skills.

Here are some additional criteria you should consider when choosing someone to perform your Turkish to English translation:

  • Accreditation – There are no official license or certification required to be a translator, but some organizations are making attempts at standardization. Translators who belong to either the American Translators Association (ATA) or the Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) tend to be more reliable than unaffiliated translators.
  • Samples/Recommendations – Always ask for samples from the translator and have someone who is familiar with Turkish read them to see if the translations and wording are accurate. It is also beneficial to get recommendations. Ask the translator for references from clients they have worked with in the past. Also, ask around to friends and family who may be aware of Turkish to English translators.
  • Credentials – Ask for the credentials of the translator. You ideally want someone who is fully fluent in both Turkish and English. If they are a native speaker in one language, the best translators will have a college degree in their second language. It is also important to find a translator who has lived a number of years in both the U.S. and in Turkey. There are subtle variations and dialects that can only be mastered through experience.
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