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Green Belt Six Sigma - All You Need to Know About Green Belt Six Sigma - Six Sigma Defined, Green Belt Experience Requirements, Green Belt Duties

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You have probably heard about the Six Sigma management protocol if you work in the industrial or technology sector. But what are the specifics? If you are still relatively new to working with Six Sigma, should you make certification your goal? And if so, what do you need in order to get certified? This guide takes a closer look at these questions, with a specific focus on the Green Belt level, which is usually the first level where official certification is considered.

Six Sigma Defined

Six Sigma is a management protocol that was initially developed by Motorola in the early 80’s. Its primary purpose is to elevate efficiency and quality to previously unthinkable levels, namely, 3.4 defects per million. This equates to a 99.99966% ratio of defect-free, “perfect” products.

The Six Sigma protocol includes an infrastructure of people who are there to support and implement it. This infrastructure is divided into different levels: yellow, green, black, and master black. In this article, we will look further into the Green Belt Level.

Green Belt Experience Requirements

Green Belt employees are expected to have a solid working knowledge of the Six Sigma Protocol together with at least a year or more of workplace experience with Six Sigma. During which time you would have functioned at the “Yellow Belt” level, regardless of whether you were officially certified or titled as such. You should have worked under a dedicated Six Sigma professional, usually of the Black or Master Black Belt levels and involved with at least one Six Sigma-specific project, and you should have an active problem-solving ability. You should also have at least three years of work experience in your current industry, so that you are able to effectively understand most or all levels of production.

Green Belt Duties

Green Belts are expected to both participate in and sometimes lead Six Sigma projects. They may or may not be completely dedicated to Six Sigma in their work, depending on the needs of the business. As with all levels of Six Sigma, Green Belts are expected to train and tutor those in lower belt levels when needed. In this case, this would mean “Yellow Belt” professionals, i.e., anyone who is participating on a Six Sigma project with at least some knowledge of the protocol. This could also be newly transferred employees with no previous Six Sigma experience. You could be the one to get them “up to speed” on the details of your project and on the basics of Six Sigma.

Is Certification Necessary?

At the Green Belt level, official certification is not an absolute requirement, but many people choose to do so in Six Sigma companies.

Some companies already have preferred certification outlets, so be sure to ask about this before you certify. They may or may not pay for the expense of certification, but most companies recognize the value in doing so.

If your company does not have a preferred certification vendor, then ask Black or Master Black belts on your team about where they received certification. They should already have an idea of certification providers whose industry focus will be most useful to your company. It is important to find a provider that does provide testing and certification that will coincide with your company’s specific needs.

Failing all of these, one place to start looking for certification is ASQ.org, who provides all levels of Six Sigma certification.

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