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Financial Analyst Resume - Tips for Writing a Financial Analyst Resume - Be Specific, Use “Action” Words

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Are you a financial analyst looking for a new job to transition to? Maybe you’re just fed up with under-appreciation at your workplace. Perhaps you were laid off during a company crisis. Especially during times of economic uncertainty, this is far from uncommon. But not to worry. Writing a dynamite resume can get you to the top of the callback list in just about any company, giving you the best chance at getting back in the game. Just follow a few simple tips to maximize your resume’s effect, and before you know it you could be in an even better position than you were before!

Be Specific

Firstly, it is of particular importance to a financial analyst resume that you give specific numbers concerning your achievements, projects you oversaw, etc. Managers like to see that you had a firm grip on your previous accomplishments. As far as you are permitted by confidentiality, give specific return amounts gained by your investment choices, amount of money overseen by you or your team, number of people you managed, and other critical details to show your caliber of work. Use specific numbers, percentages, and dollar amounts whenever possible. Never make up figures at random, but do choose the best ones that outline your biggest accomplishments. After all, resumes are all about putting the best foot forward! Just focus on the best of the best.

Use “Action” Words

Your resume points should be brief and full of impact. Resume real estate is limited (or at least it should be!) so make every point stick. Don’t use passive voice ever if possible. Instead focus on words like “managed”, “produced”, “led”, and other words that describe exactly what you did for a project. Language like this is direct and gets right to the point, which is a good thing for any resume.

Custom-Tailor to the Job You’re Applying For

Look at the type of position you’re applying for and it’s exact job specifications. Look at the company’s history. Try to deduce exactly what the company needs most, and then custom-tailor your resume to answer those needs. Choose past projects that highlight how you answered a similar need at your previous company, so your new company can see exactly how you can help. If you deduce that the new company is most looking for a certain type of investment knowledge, demonstrate your own knowledge from any previous projects you worked on, together with specific numbers to back your statements. (ROI percentages, percent of successful investments, or other applicable facts). The key point to all of this is making yourself valuable in the eyes of your interviewer.

Online Example Helps

Sometimes when brainstorming your own resume, it can be extremely helpful to look at the successful examples of others. You can find a good variety of financial analyst resumes online that can start to get the gears turning – looking at these can give you new ideas for formatting, language, and many other areas you can consider for your own resume. Just be sure that any examples you see follow the tips outlined above – and use your own common sense to help you know what’s best. Here are a couple example sites that can help get the brainstorm started:

Resume Samples I

Resume Samples II

That’s it for this guide to producing a successful financial analyst resume. Use these tips to help your resume stand out from the rest, and you’ll be back in the financial analysis sector in no time!

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