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Chicago Bears Jacket - Where to Get a Chicago Bears Jacket Online - Official Chicago Bears Store, Football Fanatics, Amazon, eBay

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Are you looking for the best place to find Chicago Bears jackets and other merchandise? Way to support your favorite team! But the only problem is, everyone’s definition of the “best” place for them to get merchandise can be slightly different. Some are looking for the cheapest options possible because they are on a strict budget. Some take “best” to refer to the quality of the merchandise itself. And further, some will only consider it the best if it is officially licensed by the Bears for production. Luckily, we have considered all of these points and more as we compiled this list of several great options for finding Bears gear on the internet. Check out these stores to find your personal idea of the best. You might even come across a store that had never occurred to you before!

Official Chicago Bears Store

First off, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. As most Bears fans already know, the Bears have an official online outlet for their merchandise at http://store.chicagobears.com. They carry a great variety of jerseys and jackets, all of which you can rest assured will be the real officially licensed goods. The only problem for a lot of people is the price: it’s hard to find much of anything under $70 there – and that’s for the light jackets! Heavier varsity jackets can cost up to $280. On the plus side, though, they do have handy search methods, including a search by price function that can be useful for fans on a set budget. If you simply have to have it official and straight from the source, the Official Chicago Bears store will guarantee your satisfaction.

Football Fanatics

Next up is Football Fanatics, which we will use as the poster example for third-party sites that sell sports memorabilia. This particular store offers free shipping and good discounts on select Bears products. They boast a startlingly large collection of Chicago Bears merchandise, including 43 different products under Bears jackets alone. The price is comparable to the official Bears store on many products, but at any given time you can find a few that are on sale for heavy discounts. When picking a third-party site like this, make sure of a few things first. They should be a reputable site with security measures in place to protect your credit card information, and they should have security seals in place to prove it. If they use Paypal or a similar service, that can also be a peace-of-mind bonus. Football Fanatics meets these tests, and is a great place to go browse dozens of different Bears products until you can decide on the one for you.


Amazon.com also has a few Bears merchandise products up its sleeve, and they aren’t afraid to bring their trademark rock-bottom pricing to this category. You can find some great merchandise here for a fraction of the usual prices. The selection you find here will surprise you – they have over 422 items for Chicago Bears coats. However, because you are often dealing with individual or independent companies, you should make sure first that they are in fact reputable and have guarantees as to the authenticity of their merchandise. The last thing you need is to get a cheap rip-off in the mail! Luckily though, Amazon has plenty of tools for taking care of things in the event that something like that would happen, though, so you can rest easy. This flexibility and ease of use is why we chose to include them on the list.


Lastly, many people overlook eBay as a great place to find vintage Bears clothing, including jackets! They have an entire neighborhood devoted to Chicago Bears merchandise, and you can find some real gems in there for not much money if you stay vigilant. This is one way a great eBay find can trump all others – anybody with an extra $300 can buy an expensive varsity jacket, but the limited supply of 1994 vintage Bears jackets only allow a certain number of people in the world to be able to own one. You join an exclusive club that not just anyone can walk in and get access to. So if you like to stand out, we highly recommend this method.

That’s it for this guide to where to get a Chicago Bears jacket online. Use these tips to pick the store that’s perfect for your own needs and wants, and soon you’ll be representing your team in your unique personal style.

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