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Interest Rate Chart - Finding an Online Interest Rate Chart - Prime Rate Chart, Mortgage Rates, Savings Account Interest Rate Comparison

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Sometimes people do not realize this, but there is a bevy of handy online tools and charts for figuring out all kinds of financial data. When it comes to calculating interest costs over time, looking up past interest rates, figuring out the best savings account interest rates, and much more, the internet should be the first place you stop. Especially with interest rate payment schedules, internet tools can prove very handy, saving you lots of legwork compared to doing all the calculations yourself. This handy guide will show you where to find a variety of such handy online tools that are sure to make your life a whole lot easier.

Prime Rate Chart

For those who have never heard of it, the Prime Rate is the interest rate that banks charge their best customers. It is the best rate that they can give out. Looking at this Prime Rate is a good way to get a sense of interest rate trends as a whole. Check out this page on Money Cafe for more information, and to see charts of the Prime Rate over time. A word of caution, though – sometimes the rate is held intentionally at a certain position during times of crisis or recession, in which case it may not be the best indicator of total market health. Be sure to keep abreast of financial news in order to tell the difference.

Mortgage Rates

Another issue of large concern to homeowners and potential homeowners around the country is mortgage rates. Check out this link to find charts for mortgage rates over time, which will give you a real idea of where the market currently stands. You often hear rumors about the housing market and mortgage rates, but the sources are not always to be trusted. Sometimes it is on commercials that are trying to get you to finance a home with their company, and sometimes it is just from well-meaning friends who might not have all the facts. But finding out the real state of the market for yourself is as easy as a single click – and it is hard to argue with hard financial statistics.

Savings Account Interest Rate Comparison

If you are looking for the best interest rate for a new savings account, you should check out a tool like the one at Bankrate.com. This will give you access to both local and national savings account interest rates, plus handy information on minimum balance requirements, fees, and more. Bankrate.com also has dozens of other financial helps like this, so it pays to take some time looking around the site. Which brings us to the next item, loan schedule calculators.

Loan Interest Rate Calculators

A good loan interest rate calculator can really be used for many types of loans. By simply entering the total loan amount, term, and interest rate, you can have the entire loan schedule calculated for you in a heartbeat. This includes your expected monthly payments, and if you enter the start date of the loan, you can even get the exact date of completion. And some tools like the one at Bankrate.com also have tools to calculate in the effect that extra payments would have on the overall loan terms. For anyone considering financing, this is a great place to start assessing the real costs that you should expect to see.

Financing Interest Rate Comparisons

Have you ever wondered just how much a small increase in your interest rate will affect your overall payments over the life of the loan? So did the people at BCS Alliance, who put together some example charts that show exactly that. You may be surprised at the difference even one percent can make on a relatively short-term loan. And on long-term loans, it really adds up!

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