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Cheap Berlin Flights - Finding Cheap Berlin Flights

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After the war, West Berlin was visited mainly by allied citizens seeking business opportunities, but the city slowly began to gain tourists. The city’s tourist industry really did not take off, though, until after the Berlin Wall came down and the city was once more unified. Since the city has become such a popular destination, finding cheap Berlin flights just takes a little know-how and time.

The 19th and 20th centuries have not been particularly kind to the Berlin except for a few rare decades. Berlin has suffered from massive fires and was the base of more than one regime that was considered a world enemy. Even after World War I and II, the control of East Berlin by the Soviet Union made the city ground zero for the Cold War. The 21st century has been a real breaking point in the history of the city.

A new breed of tourist to Germany has begun to visit the city for its many large and exquisite museums, popular theaters, trendy shopping, and some of the best restaurants and pubs in the country. The rebirth of Berlin, however, is not yet complete and reminders of the grim past remain. This works to bring in tourists curious about the history of the city and makes cheap Berlin flights continuously available.

Berlin can be visited at any time during the year and the peak season is the summer and major holidays throughout the year, such as New Year, Easter, and Christmas. Although winter, outside of the holidays, has the fewest travelers and some cheap flights, the weather is extremely wet and cold. Several large trade shows are held in the city, so to find chap Berlin flights, it is best to avoid these dates. During the large trade shows and festivals, hotels will also be full and any remaining rooms are sure to be high-priced.

The best times to find cheap Berlin flights during times of comfortable weather are during limited off-season months in spring and autumn. The best months for traveling to Berlin cheaply are March, April, May, October, and November. Of these months, March and November has the fewest tourists, so prices for flights and hotel rooms will be at their cheapest.

There are 66 airlines and over 1,000 flights departing Berlin each week from two different airports: Tegel International Airport and Schonefeld International Airport. A third major airport is due to open in 2012. Direct flights to Berlin are available from New York on several U.S. airlines: Delta, Continental, and Northwest. KLM also has direct flights. Direct flights, however, are not usually where you will find cheap Berlin flights. Cheap Berlin flights will usually involve at least one layover.

To find cheap Berlin flights, do not limit yourself to U.S. airlines. Major and discount European airlines will often have better prices. You can often find good deals on flights from British Airways or Lufthansa. You will also be surprised at the better level of service offered by European airlines over the U.S. airlines. Flights from the Eastern coast of the United States to Berlin can be found for as little as $420, but the cheapest many airlines go is $600 to $700.

If you are planning on visiting more of Germany than Berlin, there is no reason why you should limit yourself to cheap Berlin flights. Flights to Frankfurt, Hamburg, or Munich may be cheaper for the time you would like to travel, and then you can take either a cheap German city-to-city flight or, better yet, take the train to Berlin.

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